Student club helps preserve the environment at VIDA track near campus | Texas A&M University-San Antonio | tamosa

Student club helps preserve the environment at VIDA track near campus | Texas A&M University-San Antonio | tamosa

The Water Resources Club called for a green space in the construction of a new pathway in the VIDA development near Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The developers admitted the students when the track opened last month.

The The club is a student organization Developed by Water Resources Science and Technology Program at A&M-San Antonio. Both aim To raise awareness of the protection of water quality and resources.

Destiny Guerra is an older student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in the program. She is the president of the club she founded in 2021.

“The fact that led me to create this club is that I didn’t know that we only had 3% of the fresh water available on Earth to use,” Guerra said. “3% of 75% of the water is broken down into 2% stuck in ice caps and glaciers, leaving us with just 1% found in surface waters, lakes, streams and rivers.”

VIDA, developed by Southstar Communities, will include homes, apartments, restaurants, shops and green spaces. Madla Greenway Loop West Trail It is part of VIDA’s Low Impact Development Plan, which recognizes the importance of green infrastructure. The layout, based on hydrology, allows water near the area to flow naturally.

A&M-San Antonio professors, Dr. Davida Smyth and Dr. Walter Den, had been in contact with the VIDA developers prior to the club project regarding Guerra’s skills at the university.

Her role in the broad project was to sample soils in the area, create knowledge and understanding of development processes and advocate for green spaces.

Dr. said. Dean, Professor and Program Director of Water Resources Science and Technology, Guerra has done an excellent job of leading the club and their commitment to contribute to low-impact development to protect water resources.

“These students are excited to bring the issues of water resources and opportunity in southern San Antonio to the fore,” Dean said. “I believe they have made their mark in this development because they are the voice of the student community at A&M-SA who want to practice low-impact development as a way to balance development with environmental protection.”

Madla Greenway on October 11, 2022. The driveway is made of recycled asphalt. Image file by Amber Esparza

The first mile of the track is part of VIDA’s Phase 1 development.

VIDA developers have invented an exit route from recycled asphaltWhich helps to improve the environment. Guerra said the materials used in the asphalt help reduce carbon footprints and don’t go into landfills. It is also more permeable, allowing water to pass through and saturate rather than contribute to runoff.

A walking trail runs through an oak grove along Bed Creek. The area also has natural seating areas made of recycled boulders.

Southstar Communities assists in the development and operation of master plan communities across the United States.

Gretchen Howell, Senior Vice President of Community Development at South Star Communities, He gave a speech at the entrance to the track when it opened on October 11. Howell said the Madla Greenway Trail would be a “cool living laboratory” for students from A&M-San Antonio, allowing them to learn and sample items in the surrounding area.

Howell awarded Guerra in recognition of her role in development, and Guerra participated in a ribbon-cutting party to celebrate the opening of the new track.

On weekends, the Water Resources Club volunteers to clean up local waterways. Not only does it help the environment, Guerra said, but it creates a great way to connect with others and the community.

Some of their partners are San Antonio River Authority, Edwards Basin, San Antonio River Aid and other local river authorities around the San Antonio River Basin.

The club also helps in A giftwhich allows students to create hands-on experience and gain hours of service through cleanups.

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