Students Thrive Through the Power of Podcasts – Pepperdine Graphic

Students Thrive Through the Power of Podcasts – Pepperdine Graphic

Art by Vivian Hsia

In a world thriving of social media communication and web-based interactions, students shared how podcasts provide a fun and alternative way to learn new information while communicating with like-minded people. Dave Weiner and Adam Curry first coined the term “podcast” in 2004, according to Dear Media, a major broadcast network.

Since then, companies and influencers alike now rely on podcasts as a source of revenue as well as a way to connect with their audience, according to Dear Media. From tactical tips to news, sports, health and lifestyle, students said they are getting their daily dose of information from various podcasts.

“[Podcasts] It’s a great talking point, and it’s a really great way to learn something without thinking — or if you’re feeling lonely or bored, it’s a fun way to make yourself laugh based on the podcast,” senior Katie Price said.

Price said she incorporated the podcast into her daily morning routine to help start her day on a positive note. Her favorite audio tracks include a mixture of sports programs and religious shows.

“Let God” is a Christian podcast hosted by Wanipa, Ayanfe and Mary-Hannah – three culturally diverse women who share their unique experiences as Christians. Their discussions range from the Bible and relationship advice to more controversial topics such as coloring in the church, Christianity as the “white man’s religion” and mental health.

Let God Podcast Podcast on Anchor

Featured cover art for “Let God,” a religious podcast hosted by Wanipa, Ayanfe, and Mary-Hannah. The first episode was taped in 2020 and provided a brief introduction to each of the hosts. Image courtesy of Let God Podcast

Price has said that two of her favorite episodes include “I Aspire to Be a Lady of Entertainment” and “Guilt, Shame, Forgiveness, and Freedom”. She also explained how listening to podcasts gives her a boost of inspiration during her workouts.

“Part of the reason I mostly listen to Christian podcasts in the morning is because it’s a way for me to spend my quiet personal time with the Lord while also being able to move my body,” Price said.

As a sports fan, Price has said that she’s also an avid listener of “The Snacks” hosted by Sam Moyes and Lynne Williams. As a member of the Women’s National Football League, Price said they provide insight into the competitive world of women’s sports.

Through conversations with professional athletes, their episodes cover everything from the best parts of the sport and overcoming difficulties to how they achieved the rank of professional athlete, according to Just Women’s Sports.

cover art for

The “Snacks” cover art invites listeners to grab a snack and engage in their sports discussion. Episodes include topics such as the emotional aspects of the Olympics and recovering from injury as a professional athlete. Image courtesy of Snacks Podcast

Price said the podcast is an excellent conversation starter and mood booster. She said it was a way to learn a large body of information on specific topics quickly. In a world where sports were once viewed as a male-dominated field, Price said “snacks” provide a powerful voice for female athletes.

“It’s really great to hear about such inspiring women and to be empowered by other women, especially just because women’s sport hasn’t always been of interest,” Price said.

Junior Emma Kripiel said she is drawn to a mix of health, wellness, and lifestyle podcasts, including “The Ed Mylett Show” and “The Skinny Confidential.” As a pioneer in psychology, Krehbiel loves learning about health advice, hearing how others overcome struggles, and discovering their passions.

“Sometimes it’s better to hear someone talk about their experience or thoughts about something rather than just reading it on Google,” Kripiel said.

“The Ed Mylett Show” is hosted by entrepreneur, performance coach, and author Ed Millett. His podcast episodes include interviews with some of the world’s elite sports, business and health professionals. Special guests include Starbucks President Howard Behar, life coach and author Jay Shetty and business strategist Tony Robbins, according to Mylett’s website.

Ed Millett is a featured author, keynote speaker and performance coach.  Previous episodes have included titles like

Ed Millett is a featured author, keynote speaker and performance coach. Previous episodes have included titles such as “The Road to Fulfillment”, “Demolition of the Wall Between You and Your Dream” and “My First Key to Happiness”. Image courtesy of The Ed Mylett Show

Kripiel said The Ed Mylett Show helped her develop an intentional morning routine during quarantine with mindful practices, like reading her Bible and hydrating first thing in the morning.

“The Skinny Confidential,” co-hosted by Michael Bostic and Lauren Evarts, is a lifestyle podcast that offers fun and tactical life advice. From beauty and wellness to advice on relationships and business, Kripiel said the offering is a one-stop shop for those looking to start a company from the ground up or develop healthier mindsets.

Podcast hosts Michael Busstick and Lauren Evarts are the owners of two successful companies,

Podcasters Michael Bosstick and Lauryn Evarts are the owners of two successful companies, “The Skinny Confidential” and “Dear Media Podcast Network.” Evarts founded “The Skinny Confidential” while receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting Television from San Diego State University. Image courtesy of The Skinny Confidential

Kripiel said she was drawn to the show’s focus on the mind-body relationship and cultivating a healthy microbiome through holistic practices. She also said that she is impressed that TSC combines her interests in health and psychology in many episodes.

Access to podcasts on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music connects communities across cultures while delving into specific topics of interest, according to Forbes. Podcasts not only provide a range of valuable information but also provide a source of communication for people all over the world.

“Whatever it is that interests you, I feel there is always a podcast or other people who have done it or have tips,” Kripiel said..


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