Superstars open training camp with a feeling from the first day of school

Cedar Park, Texas – The opening of the Stars boot camp was a lot like the first day of school Thursday.

New manager Pete Debor has laid down some rules and explained his expectations for the year ahead.

New kids love Mason’s career And the Nils Lundqvist Get to know their new colleagues.

and classic like Jimmy BenAnd the Joe Pavlesky And the Tyler Seguin Try to help the younger students while still doing their own assignments.

It has been a very exciting comeback for everyone at HEB Center.

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“He was fantastic. It was great energy, we accomplished a lot,” said Debor, who was appointed in the summer as the team’s new coach and given a four-year contract. “They tried to implement some of the things we started talking about, which on day one I thought were excellent. There were a lot of good things.”

DeBoer has a history of training for a possession game, and the stars have been in the middle of the group in that area. Vegas in the past three seasons have had a plus 4.5, 5.4 and 5.2 in shooting differentials, making them in the top five in the league each season.

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Pavlesky, who played with DeBoer for four seasons in San Jose, said the key would be moving to a new style, but doing so quickly and with confidence.

“I think it’s just an understanding of what we’re trying to achieve,” said Pavlesky, who led the stars in scoring last season. “Just one or two players won’t go. All five players are on the ice, they play a little bit faster in certain areas, they extend game areas. Some of the little areas and the details that we’re trying to get there are that it creates for us.

“I think understanding allows you to be a little faster and allows you to have better support, sometimes.”

The trend in the NHL is a faster and more aggressive game, and that has opened the door for younger players to step in. Dallas has already trusted in players like Miro Heskanen23, Jason Robertson, 23, and Rob Hintz25, to take over a large part of the heart of the team, and this season we can see big strides forward from Lundkvist, 23, Jacob Peterson23, Thomas Harleyand 21 and Thai Delandria22.

In fact, stars can actually open the door to a 19-year-old couple White Johnston And the Logan Stankoven If they play well enough during the show season. That’s the exciting part of camp this year, and the players said they felt it right from the start.

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Ben, 33, was on the line with Johnston on day one.

“It was great,” Ben said of the transfer. “You can already tell he’s way beyond his years. A smart player, he sees the ice really well, and he’s not afraid to make plays. It’s fun to see and it’s great to be by his side.”

This kind of discovery makes the new year full of vitality. Dallas made the playoffs as a team last season and lost in seven first-round games to Calgary. They would like to place higher in the rankings this season and have a better seed post-season.

“In recent years we’ve been starting a little slow, then chasing a little bit and we’ve been on the wild card,” said Devinsman. Issa Lindell. “This is something we don’t want. We want to be in the top three (in the division). I thought we played well defensively last year, and now if we improve in attack, I think it will have an impact.”

Bringing defenders into the match and increasing puck possession was a two-sided exercise on Thursday, and it will continue to do so throughout the year. DeBoer said his history is to train quickly and to create an environment in which players think fast and play fast.

“We spent a lot of time on the hacks today,” DeBoer said. “I think it starts there for us. If we can come out of our own cleaner zone and more often with better spacing and more possession, I think it will define the rest of our game.”

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Preparation for the season will continue quickly. Dallas will have an indoor brawl on Saturday and then play exhibition games on Monday and Tuesday. The list of candidates will be quickly reduced, after which the real battle for positions will ignite.

Robertson is out because he hasn’t signed a new contract yet, so the top streak has been broken in practice. DeBoer said the coaches also wanted to look at a few things because it was time to do so.

DeBoer said of phrases like Pavelski with Seguin and Peterson, as well as Hintz with Marchment and Denis Guryanov. “This is the time when you can really try different things. As the season begins, it’s getting more and more difficult to throw things against the wall and hope something gets stuck.”

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