Thanksgiving music

Thanksgiving music

Myrna Brown, host: Today is Friday, November 25th. good morning! This is it the world and everything in it From world radio powered by listener. I’m Myrna Brown.

Nick Escher, Host: And I’m Nick Escher.

Well, for the past several days culminating in Giving Tuesday, which is only a few days away, we’ve been focused on building the global office for the world.

The goal here is to connect with, train and hire international Christian news reporters. What we hope to do is put shoes on the ground in 100 countries in the next five years, and we’re asking for your support to give this project a huge boost.

1) On the line now from Borentroy, Switzerland, global reporter Jenny Lind Schmidt. Good morning, Jenny.

2) Right of course. And that’s not all, and it’s not just a time difference, I think. How do you deal with Thanksgiving in Europe?

3) Jenny, this is the first time we’ve been talking to each other about the program since the World Press Institute, and it’s the first WJI to be held in Europe, and it’s a very important program for the growth of the World Bureau. Talk about how it went.

4) So, Jenny, as an American who has lived your adult life in both the US and Europe and worked in journalism, how do you rate world journalism, and how is news reported differently, or similarly?

Thanks Jenny and Happy Thanksgiving is coming up.

I hope you will visit WNG.org/GivingTuesday to help support the building of the Global Office.

And if you haven’t given the world before, if you’ve given a gift for the first time between now and Tuesday, we have a longtime WORLD Mover that has agreed to match first-time gift dollar for dollar. There is no limit, the only limit is that your first gift must be on or before Giving Tuesday to qualify for the match.

Again, WNG.org/GivingTuesday and many thanks!

Myrna Brown, Host: This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent season. Over the next four weeks, Christians around the world will prepare for and reflect on the coming of the Messiah.

From now until Christmas, we’ll end the program every Friday with a selection of music from one of our correspondents from the World Office we just talked about.

Today we begin that series – but with a song of thanksgiving. And on a quick note, we’re creating Spotify and Apple Music playlist again this year. We’ll keep it updated throughout the month so you can find the music you enjoy. We’ve included a link to that in today’s transcript at WNG.org/podcasts.

Paul Butler, reporter: All people who live on Earth is one of the oldest hymns commonly sung today. Almost every Christian denomination has a version of it in their hymns.

The English-language text is attributed to William Keith, a Scottish clergyman who fled England during Queen Mary’s persecution of Protestants. Keith eventually ended up in Geneva where he worked on the English translation of the Bible named after the city – the Geneva Bible. aAbbreviation II While there, he wrote 25 English psalms—including Psalm 100—the text for All people who live on earth.

The tune is “Old Hundredth.” It is one of the most popular tunes in all of Christendom. It is credited to the French musician Louis Bourgeois. The tune is also one of the many tunes sung in Doxology.

We start five weeks of music with All people who live on earth– a fitting chant of thanks as recorded live at the Getty Music Worship Conference: Sing! 2018.

All people who live on earth

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