The 7 Best iPhone Launchers for Android

Android devices have been highly customizable since the very beginning. Customization is one of the major reasons why users choose Android over iOS. From changing icon styles to fine-tuning your home screen, Android has always been one step ahead of iOS.

Third-party launchers on Android allow users to fully customize their home screen and lock screen. Now you can enjoy an iOS-style home screen on your Android too. For whatever reason, if you want to use an iOS-style home screen launcher on your Android, here is a curated list of the best.

1. Launcher iOS 15

Launcher iOS 15 is a pretty new iOS launcher for Android, making its debut after the release of iOS 15. As the name says, this launcher brings the iOS 15 look and some features to your Android smartphone. The launcher comes preloaded with tons of iOS wallpapers, icon styles, and animations.

With this launcher, you can enjoy iOS 15 features like widgets, weather info, notification badges, and 3D touch controls that let you uninstall any app with a long tap. Apart from this, there are some Android-specific features including the ability to change icons, edit app names, and hide apps.

Moreover, you can also get the iOS 15 style lock screen and control center from the launcher’s settings tab, but these features require downloading additional third-party apps.


Download: Launcher iOS 15 (Free)

2. Phone 13 Launcher​

Phone 13 Launcher is another iOS launcher for Android based on the iOS 15 theme. It also has iOS 15 features like the app library, widgets, and home screen.

Phone 13 Launcher comes packed with an iOS-style status bar, control center, and notification center, and also offers distinctive features like a smart swipe down to search the home screen. The launcher has a mixed collection of widgets from both Android and iOS, and an assistive touch button with toggles for silent mode, airplane mode, and Bluetooth.

Phone 13 launcher also has support for passcodes, patterns, and biometrics for securing its iOS-like lock screen.

Download: Phone 13 Launcher (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. iOS Launcher for Android

iOS Launcher for Android is an alternative to Launcher iOS 15. Surprisingly, both these apps are created by the same developer. This launcher offers great customization with numerous iOS features.

iOS Launcher for Android provides the option to customize the home screen grid, search bar, and even app folders. It also has the app library from iOS 15. For the extra features, you can find a quick bar for frequently used apps, a quick search, an option to hide apps, and Haptic Touch to peek at messages or use shortcuts.

iOS Launcher for Android also has a built-in app lock feature; just like Launcher iOS 15, you’ll need to download additional apps for using the control center and assistive touch.

Download: iOS Launcher for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone is one of the most stable and iOS-authentic launchers you can get for your Android. It comes with all the iOS elements like the home screen, notification center, control center, lock screen, assistive touch, and many more.

This launcher has a status bar themed like iOS and offers numerous customization with transitions, icon packs, and widgets. You can also personalize the desktop grid, infinite scrolling, search bar, and folder previews.

Lastly, with Launcher iPhone, you can swipe down on the home screen to display a notification panel, which is a handy feature if you have a big-screen phone.

Download: Launcher iPhone (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. X Launcher

X Launcher is one of the best launchers for enjoying an iOS 13-like interface on Android. It provides an iPhone X experience on an Android. This launcher offers a variety of themes and wallpapers like others. For app-related customization, you can modify names and icons.

It has swipe gestures, so if you swipe up from the bottom, you will see the app tray, which is similar to many Android launchers. If you swipe down from the middle, you can access Control Center, which is easily accessible with one hand.

Like the other alternatives, this one is also full of ads to support the developers. If you want to get rid of them, you can purchase the premium version.

Download: X Launcher (Free) | X Launcher Pro ($0.99)

6. OS14 Launcher

As the name suggests, OS14 Launcher will transform your Android into a phone that looks like it’s running iOS 14. This launcher is an all-rounder package including an iOS-style home screen, control center, and app library.

OS14 Launcher supports over 500 themes and offers tools like a phone booster, battery saver, and junk cleaner. This launcher also has support for running dual apps and a red dot notifier for displaying unread notifications on the home screen.

On this launcher, the control center is present in the middle of the screen, making it easy to use on phones with large screens. Moreover, the launcher also offers useful features like desktop lock, hide app, and app lock.

Download: OS14 Launcher (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. iLauncher

iLauncher is one of the fastest iOS launchers for Android. Based on iOS 15, this launcher will provide you with a seamless iOS experience.

iLauncher comes preloaded with all the widgets available on iOS 15. Most of the available widgets are customizable with different colors, fonts, and custom background images. The launcher also has a built-in control center and a customizable lock screen with iOS-style passcodes and wallpapers that delivers the feel of iOS 15.

Download: iLauncher (Free, in-app purchases available)

Enjoy the iOS Experience on Your Android Phone

These apps are the cheapest and easiest way to experience iOS on your current Android smartphone. However, remember that these apps will only give you an iPhone-like experience in terms of visuals only, and the performance of your device will remain the same.


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