The frustration of the giants’ stars was heard by Farhan Zaidi and Larry Bayer

Al-Zaidi and Bayer hear fans’ frustration over the lack of stars who originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The Giants are well aware that many fans may be frustrated that the organization has not yet had a star of its own.

Frustration grew among the fan base after the August 2 MLB swap deadline after San Francisco stumbled on the Juan Soto lottery and opted not to make any big moves.

Once again, fans of the Giants watched another star go down with a division contender, this time with Soto trading to the San Diego Padres.

Chief of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi joined NBC’s Bay Area Giants member Alex Pavlovich on the latest episode of the “Giants Talk” podcast as he spoke about frustration among his fan base that the organization has yet to land a special star out.

Asked if the front office understood the frustration, Al-Zaidi said, “I am, I think we do.” “And we want to be careful not to take that and have it influence a decision that is detrimental to this franchise in the long run.

“Baseball is a sport where the player up to 26 on your roster really matters and when you start saying ‘we just need to hit with the right hand’ or ‘we just need a closer and that’ll solve it’, you can make mistakes and I’ve seen that throughout the history of baseball. It happened. Some of the biggest front office mistakes when teams thought one player was going to be the difference. When you’re talking about someone of Juan Soto’s caliber, we can really move the needle. So I don’t want to underestimate that, but we’ll continue to be there and those people will all affect the bottom line. And that’s really what we’re looking at.”

Giants head Larry Baer is also aware of the frustration and reiterated on KNBR 680’s Tolbert & Copes Friday that there are no financial restrictions preventing the Giants from going after one of these stars and that the organization will pursue one if the deal makes sense. . Bayer also believes that the giants can develop their own local stars.

“One of the narratives I really want to make clear is that there are no financial barriers,” Beyer said. “The trade deadline wasn’t about the financials, it was about the prospects, who you’re going to add will make a difference and what will cost you in forecasts and not in dollars.”

Like I said at the beginning, we’re not averse to spending money. Just show us the right deal and we’ll look at it. We’ve looked at deals all the time from Bryce Harper onwards. But another way to create stars is internally. Was Tim Linnicum a star? I think so. Want to come watch Tim Linkcom? Well, it’s formulated and developed. Same with Buster Posey. Same with Madison Baumgarner. Same with Brian Wilson.”

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Bayer certainly has a point in mentioning past stars like Tim Linkcom, Buster Posey, and Madison Baumgarner. The Giants have a history of developing top players and may have done so again with the inception of bowler Logan Webb. Not to mention the potential to develop a few more than a handful of exciting young prospects in the minor leagues.

On the flip side, fans are right to be frustrated. The organization has a recent history of always being a bridesmaid, but has never been a bridesmaid when it comes to following elite talents like Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, Juan Soto, and even the two-way phenomenon Shohei Ohtani that San Francisco was so fiercely chasing when he was hired. Back in the 2017-2018 season.

As Bayer mentions, money is not an issue. The Giants have always been among the league’s biggest spenders until recently, and they will surely have the salary cap room to do so again this coming season.

For now, the Giants would remain patient with the talent they possessed within the organization and would strike when the right opportunity came.

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