The Harbor Creek football star chose West Virginia


After an impressive football season in the fall, Nick Krahey dedicated himself to becoming a potential Division I player.

He has the height and strength to be a next level offensive lineman, but his weight was at the low end of Division One. While he controlled the interior for the Harbor Creek basketball team, he lived in the weight room and wore nearly 40 pounds.

In late March and April, Krahi, now a rising senior in the family of huskies, began hitting campers and harvesters while also emerging as a top leader in the D-10 during track and field. His first division arrived on April 2nd to start a fast and furious recruiting period.

Krahey spent months becoming one of Pennsylvania’s most exciting offensive linemen, making several First Division performances before making a verbal commitment to West Virginia on Monday.

“West Virginia has a homey vibe, and he really sold it to me,” Krahey said. “They bring in some very special men and I want to be part of that family.”

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Krahe is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 290 pounds with feet and hands. Last fall he finished at 255 pounds before he committed to the proper weight.

“His film was clearly huge during the hiring process, and teams want to see your arm length, flexibility and strength when it comes to liner guys,” Harbor Creek coach Troy Podzeski said. “His high weight was huge. He played at 255 last year which is small for DI. In December and January he committed to lifting his weight and did all the work. That’s why he has the offers he has.”

Krahe showed his progress by becoming a double nominee each time he took the floor in basketball as top scorer and striker before winning the District 10 Class 3A championship in the shot put. He also placed third in the shot thrown at the D-10 meet. Krahe went on to finish eighth in the state on a 52-foot-over throw.

“They want me to step in but I’m not sure yet which team,” Krahey said of where West Virginia wants him to play. “It all depends on my development this year and when I get there.”

Steady texts and phone calls

Krahe’s first show came from Saint Francis College on April 2. He has been steadily receiving offers from small Division I schools and many MAC schools as well. On June 11, everything changed for Krahe. He impressed at Pitt football camp and rumors began to swell that the Panthers were about to become his first Power 5 conference show.

Maryland defeated Pete on June 13. Once Terps was shown to Krahe, he jumped on the radar of several major college football programs.

Boston College and Pete followed up with a show two days later before the West Virginia Show on June 20.

“It was hectic, to say the least, making all the phone calls and texting. It was hard to sort it all out but I think I found the right choice,” said Krahe. Everyone is a fan of Mountaineers. They have a lot of ardent fans and it suits me very well.”

Krahe, who has been rated a three-star recruit by several services, has also had performances from nearly every Ivy League school along with Duquesne, Maine, Albany, Richmond, Air Force, Buffalo, New Hampshire, Bryant, Lafayette and Toledo and Marshall State of Kent and Ocon.

He’d been meeting, calling or texting coaches constantly for weeks as the process became more intense as more schools entered.

“There have been a lot of phone calls, text messages, and appointments with the coaches at the school. Our management has been great at letting me leave the class to meet with coaches and recruiters,” Budziszewski said. “He’s been busy but that’s how recruiting is mostly done. Once one team in a conference or district targets a kid, the others don’t want to be left behind, so once he notices he’s doubling down from there.”

My life dream

“I’ve been playing football since the third grade and have fallen in love with the game,” Karahi said. “In my freshman year, I decided I wanted to play in college and put the work into it. I feel very proud to be playing up front, watching the full-back’s results and keeping our midfield clean.”

Krahe is the latest Division I football player to play for Husky dogs with many other big names in the past including Stephen Blues at Youngstown State and Brian Severling at Penn State among others.

“This is big for the community and exciting as well. It gives everyone a measure of what a D1 footballer looks like,” Budziszewski said. “I am very happy for Nick and his family. It’s a great family and Nick has worked his tail off.”

Before Krahe heads to West Virginia, he has one final season with the Huskies, which begins August 26.

“It is certainly a relief to make a decision on this before the season,” Karahi said. “I’m really looking forward to playing with the guys for the last time.”

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