The Masked Singer Season 8 Semi-Finals: Why Is the Internet Divided Over Snowstorm’s Dumping? Explore why

The Masked Singer Season 8 Semi-Finals: Why Is the Internet Divided Over Snowstorm’s Dumping? Explore why

The Masked Singer Season 8 is back with an all-new episode Thursday night. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the reality series aired its first-ever two-night event where back-to-back episodes aired two nights in a row.

It’s time for the semi-finals as the top 3 masked celebrities take center stage to battle it out for a place in the grand final. Judges Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy returned to their seats on the panel, along with host Nick Cannon.

The Masked Singer Celebrate Thanksgiving at the parade. The contestants’ clues were also objective based on what they were grateful for in life.

Harp, Lambs, and Snowstorm take center stage in an epic three-way battle as they each sing a song of their choice. Apart from that, they also competed against each other in the season’s first three-way Battle Royale. Unfortunately, at the end of their performance, the person with the fewest votes was revealed.

To everyone’s surprise, the masked celebrity eliminated after their semi-final performance was Snowstorm.

Snowstorm has been a fan favorite ever since her debut performance on the hit reality TV show. Not only did her voice impress the judges, but it also impressed the audience and viewers at home. Apart from that, her fans also enjoyed toasting the judges with her comebacks.

Sadly now that she’s been eliminated from the competition, fans seem to have mixed reactions. They took to social media to share their opinions. While some were sad that Snowstorm didn’t make it to the end, others claimed it was the right decision.

Fans were touched by Snowstorm’s elimination The Masked Singer Season eight

Taking to Twitter, some fans claimed that Blizzard was robbed of a spot in the Grand Finale. Some also added that she finally deserves to be on Lambs.

Meanwhile, a few others claim that the decision was the right one and that it was time for Blizzard to come home. Besides that, some also shared that they predicted that Blizzard would be revealed.

@employee Blizzard deserved it much more. They were much better than lambs.

Kinda surprised the lambs going to the end, but good for them!#TheMaskedSinger

@employee IM WATCHIN THID RN I was kinda hoping the lambs would come home 🤐

I hate to say it, because they all looked amazing, but I think Blizzard will be the first to go. #TheMaskedSinger

The harp and the lambs shall go forward. They’re all great singers, but Snowstorm just doesn’t have the power and range that its competitors do, simply put.#TheMaskedSinger # masked

Here he is, who was wearing a blizzard mask The Masked Singer Season eight

Snowstorm was the second masked celebrity to participate in the semi-finals. She delivered it to Katy Perry I think of you. Before her performance, she shared a bundle of evidence that revealed that she had dreamed of being a pop star since she was a child.

She said she took voice lessons when she was in high school but her mother got a call from her school claiming that the star “doesn’t have it.” Hinting that this was the day her dream died, Blizzard said it was the reason she was so grateful to be on the show, and continued:

“I am really grateful for the opportunity to express myself in a way that I never thought I would be able to express artistically.”

After her performance, for her on-stage clue, Snowstorm presented the judges with a balloon that read “Squiggly”.

The judges found out that she was referring to the Squiggly Monster who participated in the game The Masked Singer. It was none other than the late actor Bob Saget. Snowstorm shared that the Squiggly Monster was a “dear friend” of hers.

She added that while it was strange for her to “cry in that voice”, she stated that Saget was the reason she decided to do the show, because the experience was incredibly rewarding. And the star continued:

“I’m so glad he got it before he died. It was my performance for him whether he wanted it or not.”

When it came time for Blizzard’s reveal, she revealed herself to be comedian Nikki Glaser. Jenny McCarthy was the only judge who got it right.

The Masked Singer Season 8 will return for its grand finale on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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