The Power of Podcasting: A Handbook for Lawyers | Dinar Supra

The Power of Podcasting: A Handbook for Lawyers | Dinar Supra

To thrive in this ever-changing legal landscape, lawyers need to find ways to break through the chaos and engage with their prospects. Podcasts can help lawyers and law firms connect with clients and produce more leads.

Podcasts are digital audio programs that can be listened to online while driving or multitasking. Podcasts of all kinds are growing in popularity, in order to be successful you will need a plan.

Podcasting for lawyers

Don’t just jump into the podcast, but make sure the time and energy invested is well worth it. Podcasting is a long-term commitment and it may take some time for you to gain a following.

You have realistic expectations. What are your goals, who are you trying to reach, why should anyone listen to your show, and what value can you give listeners?

Are you planning to create new content or take advantage of existing information? Consider hiring someone to run your podcast, this place is time consuming and will require your full attention.

Big Idea

Focus on the area of ​​law that you are passionate about or an expert in. Dive into the topic to establish yourself as a thought leader in this area of ​​law.

Broadcast Formats

Consider the format of your presentation, interview style, teaching, storytelling, or case studies? The most successful shows host guests who provide expertise and create compelling conversation that listeners find engaging.

Your show name should be memorable and relevant to the podcast’s topic. Make sure you use SEO friendly keywords in your title so that they are easy to find.

The introduction to the podcast should contain attractive graphics or artwork that listeners can identify with. Add thematic music for the introduction as well as for the transitions to create rhythm and emphasize a strong concept.

Your podcast should have a beginning, middle, and conclusion. Constantly create highly interesting podcasts to inform, entertain and engage your listeners.

Introduction- You should clearly state who the offer is intended for, what you are offering, and to whom.

the body- The content of the content must be static. Focus on creating value through conversations that capture and keep listeners’ attention.

concluding remarks – Include a teaser of what audiences can expect from the upcoming episode along with reminders to view show notes, subscribe to podcasts, and leave comments and likes for the show.

the end- It should be the same theme as the music you used in the introduction.

podcast platforms

Choosing the best podcast hosting platform is crucial, here are some of the most reliable podcast hosting services to get you up and running.

  • Spotify’s free Anchor platform is ideal for many levels of experience and great for beginners.

  • Host a podcast with Buzzsprout and create a website to add audio clips to your blog posts.

  • Podcast novices and professionals use Libsyn. He is one of the original podcast hosts and remains a prominent player with over 62 million audience members.

  • Podbean offers free podcasting and analytics, and also allows you to monetize with ads.

  • Blubrry is a great platform for WordPress users who want to monetize their podcasts.

Boost your broadcast

Promoting a podcast is a task in itself, so consider hiring a social media marketing company to improve and share your material for podcast aggregators and guides.

Here are some of the best podcast aggregators: Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Podbay, and Podtail.

Here are the top five (5) strategies for growing your podcast online:

  1. Promote the launch of the podcast on your social media channels.

  2. Host guests with a large following on your podcast and ask them to promote their episode.

  3. Ask listeners to subscribe, share, and review the podcast at the beginning and end of each episode.

  4. Start an email newsletter. Send listeners an email every time you publish a new podcast.

  5. Convert your podcast into a YouTube video. In the description, include notes and links to your website, and social channels. Next, divide the video into shorter clips of 1 to 3 minutes.

broadcast power

Audio broadcasts are an excellent way for lawyers to attract and interact with new prospects. In an age of mistrust and misinformation, podcasts are recognized for the correctness, intimacy and legitimacy of the information presented.

There are plenty of opportunities in the legal industry right now. Do not take any step without assessing its value in the market.


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