The Yankees are preparing to face Jordan Montgomery because the true impact of the trade won’t be known until the playoffs

Street. Lewis – When the Yankees arrived Thursday night, there was a disturbing sight if they turned on their televisions. As the Cardinals finished off a double header against the Cubs, TV was showing plenty of former Cardinal and Cardinal Jordan Montgomery in a bright red hat.

If they miss it, they’ll get an up close and personal look at Montgomery on Saturday night when he plays against his former teammates. In a trade that remains baffling as to how to weaken the bombers’ throwing depth, they sent Montgomery to St. Louis for Harrison Bader, a formidable defensive center player who is on the injured list and in walking shoes for at least another week.

“I still don’t really think I performed the way I should here,” said a shocked Montgomery on Tuesday night. “I’m a much better player than I’ve ever shown, but I think I’ve been consistent and have definitely worked hard.”

However, the truth is that although he’s had a rough run in his past few outings, Montgomery has been a fairly solid start for the Yankees. The 29-year-old left-footer has made a 3.94 ERA over the course of 502.2 runs in his five-plus seasons in the major leagues. This season, Montgomery had a 3-3 record due to poor running support and a 3.69 ERA. Lefty’s numbers were a bit deceiving, with the XERA 4.11 indicating some very positive luck.

Dealing Montgomery removed the last part of the Yankees’ depth lock. While the Yankees made it clear that they felt they could trade Montgomery because he wouldn’t be in their rotation after they acquired Frankie Montas, he left them with a spin that already shows him wearing it. Jameson Tellon, who has a long history of injuries, is struggling. Luis Severino is slowly dropping off the injured list, possibly due to his injury history. Gerrit Cole wasn’t the stopper the Yankees needed in the big games. Nestor Cortes has been the most consistent and reliable kick-starter of the season, but he’s pushing into an area full of roles he’s never gone away from.

The trade deadline saw the bombers also drive out the upper class of potential customers, leaving only Domingo German and Clark Schmidt if anything happened. As Schmidt lengthens himself on Triple-A, German bombers and 6.39 ERAs will run out.

Many in the industry are wondering if the Yankees are trying to flip Badr for another front-end start and the second part of the deal fails. Thursday, speaking on two radio shows in New York, GM Brian Cashman was adamant that Montgomery’s Badr trade was a straightforward deal and not part of a larger multi-team deal that fell through at the last minute.

He also explained that this was a deal struck to make the Yankees more dangerous in October.

Bader, who was born in New York and attended Horace Mann High School in Riverdale, wouldn’t make the Yankees’ squad more dangerous, but he could be a very specific weapon in the playoffs.

The 28-year-old midfielder would not be an offensive threat, although he could lengthen the bottom of the squad. Before he was suspended for plantar fasciitis, Bader was hitting .256/.303/.370 with five home runs and .673 OPS in 72 games. That’s a bit lower than the .258/.327/.457 with 20 home hurdles he hit from 2020-21.

When he’s in good health, which is expected in September, Badr could slip into a regular on-court rotation, allowing Giancarlo Stanton, who will also be out of IL at some point, into DH for a while. It can be used when they want to get Aaron Judge off his feet.

But Badr was not brought in September, it is specifically about the qualifiers

It should be used regularly late in the post-season games. He is clearly the best defensive option in midfield and should play the last roles there. Badr’s speed is rated among the top 94 percent, making him a base heist threat. That can be huge in close playoffs when getting to the scoring center or winning the throw is the difference between getting ahead or coming home early.

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