These 9 celebrities had the best Halloween costumes of 2022

These 9 celebrities had the best Halloween costumes of 2022

Halloween is always an exciting time of the year because of the costumes! Who doesn’t love scrolling through their Instagram and TikTok feeds, liking all the trendiest outfits of the year. 2022 was no different, and there are a few standout looks among some of our favorite celebrity looks for Halloween this year.

From Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s many couples costumes to classic cats, witches, and Playboy bunnies, we’ve all seen our favorite celebs show off their best and most creative Halloween costumes. Halloween is a time of exploration, where everyone can try out new, fun looks, and oftentimes recreate some of our favorite mythical characters. Here are nine of the hottest Halloween celebs from 2022.

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9/9 Megan The Stallion was killed as Mirko

If you didn’t know Megan Thee Stallion loved anime before this Halloween, then you surely will by now. Everyone’s favorite sexy girl came out to recreate Mirko from My hero academy Anime series. I mean, who wouldn’t love bringing back Meghan’s character? From her long platinum blonde wig to a suit that fits her perfectly, it’s clear Meghan ate this Halloween!

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8/9 Lizzo recreated an iconic image of Miss Piggy from the 80s

Well, Lizzo may have totally won this Halloween. The famous singer-songwriter dressed up as the only Miss Piggy. The Halloween costume paid tribute to Avedon’s portrayal of actress Nastasja Kinski, reimagined by Miss Peggy from the 1980s. The photo was taken of the doll nude with a snake wrapped around her body, as Lizzo perfectly embodied this Halloween.

7/9 The Knowles-Carter family has become the proud family

We all knew we could count on Beyoncé to present her famous Halloween costume this year, but she took it to the next level when incorporating the rest of her beautiful family. That’s right: Bae, Jay-Z and their kids (Blue Ivy, Rummy, and Sir) dress up as Disney’s famous characters. proud family. Bey even doubled as Sugar Mama and Trudy, while Jay-Z dressed as Oscar Proud. Blue Ivy wore a Penny Proud costume, portraying the proud twins, Bebe and Sissy. Who wouldn’t love a matching family Halloween costume, especially when it’s a Knowles-Carter costume?

6/9 Paris Hilton gave superhero vibes as Captain Marvel

Everyone’s favorite Y2K queen wore a few different costumes this Halloween, but one of our favorites has to be her Captain Marvel costume. the official Captain Marvel A movie from (you guessed it) Marvel that follows the story of Carol Danvers. Arguably the most dominant female character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s perfect for the Queen of Paris!

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5/9 Riverdale women Dressed as hocus pocus sisters

After the last revival hocus pocusit was right that the pioneering women of Riverdale She recreated the famous costumes of the Sanderson sisters. Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, and Camila Mendes took to Instagram to share their glamorous and glamorous outfits to celebrate the spooky season. This trio may have just created one of the most iconic Halloween celebrity looks from 2022.

4/9 Chlöe recreates the classic Lola Bunny look from Looney Tunes

after, after Space Jam: A New Legacy Debuting last year in 2021, it’s no surprise that there is at least one Lola Bunny costume on this list! As half of the dynamic duo Chloe x Halle, Chlöe gave us everything we needed and more when she dressed up as Lola Bunny, one of the most iconic characters from Looney Tunescan we add. Dressed in a basic Lola Bunny basketball outfit, Khloe captioned her Instagram photo with the signature, “Never call me a doll.”

3/9 Marge Simpson is at home, Cardi B dressed well

Everyone’s favorite cartoon character Marge Simpson has made her appearance again this Halloween, this time by nanny Cardi B. The SimpsonsMarge Simpson is known for keeping her family grounded, something Cardi B does with her family, too. Cardi B wore Marge Simpson’s classic blue hairdo with some green fashions. Many other celebrities, too, dressed as the mother of The Simpsonsbut something about the polish from Cardi B’s streak of looks just set her apart from the rest.

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2/9 Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham portray Romeo and Juliet

Can we really get through Halloween without at least a famous couple dressed up as Romeo and Juliet? No of course not! Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham showed off the infamous storybook fans with their 2022 Halloween costumes. It’s safe to say that these newlyweds are still pretty much in love, and their portrayal of Romeo and Juliet easily proves it.

1/9 Heidi Klum stunned everyone as a worm

Everyone has been waiting to see what the Queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum, will be wearing for the holiday this year. At her annual Heidi Klum Halloween celebration, she shocked fans because she was dressed as a worm. Yep, you read that right: Heidi Klum was a gigantic worm at Halloween 2022. Her Instagram page is embellished with videos showing the behind-the-scenes process of how she managed to transform herself from a woman into a worm. As one of the most amazing and unexpected Halloween looks for celebrities, we’ll obviously always be on the edge of our seats to see what Heidi Klum will wear every time the holiday rolls around.

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