This week’s best celebrity looks are a lesson in risk-taking

This week’s best celebrity looks are a lesson in risk-taking

From Lindsay Lohan’s unexpectedly colorful return to the promotional ring to Sydney Sweeney’s whimsical, blush pink dress, and Julia Fox’s turtleneck dress with bikini, this week’s most stylish celebs chose to tear off. Fashion and Risk Rulebook.

Keep scrolling to enjoy these other favorite combos of recent days.

Sidney Sweeney arrives at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in a ruffled Giambattista Valli Couture dress.

Alison Dinner / AP Photo

Sidney Sweeney arrives at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in a ruffled Giambattista Valli Couture dress.

best hair

By now we all know Julia Fox can rock a look, and her CFDA Awards ensemble—a turtleneck dress with bikini top and bottom by Valerievi—didn’t disappoint. But I’m much more interested in the much talked about hair, done by my incredibly talented friend, hairstylist Matt Baines.

Describing it on Instagram as #GrannyGlam, she told The Cut that it was a “love letter to getting older,” which is a beautiful message. But I especially love how she sticks to a look, and I’m not afraid to try things that some might consider “ugly.” – Zoe Walker Ahwa

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The second best reference is Monica Viti

Last night, while watching the final episode of The White Lotus, I was totally fascinated by Jennifer Coolidge’s character Tania and her mission to have a picture-perfect La Dolce Vita day in Sicily. “

I want to look just like Monica Fetti and then this guy in a very tight suit, comes along and lights my cigarette, and it tastes really great,” Tanya purrs in Coolidge’s distinct voice.

Famous as the star of Michelangelo Antonioni’s films in the 1960s and dubbed the Queen of Italian cinema, Vitti is a constant reference of style, both for Dolce and Gabbana-loving tourists at Italian five-star resorts, but also for the most discerning fashion designers.

Her work inspired Emilia Wickstead’s AW22 collection and this embroidered skirt and blouse that Nicola Coughlan wore at the 2022 Glamor UK Women of the Year Awards. Tyson Beckett

best bling

There were a lot of good looks at the CFDA Awards, but I love the streamlined silhouette, and Katie Holmes actually took it for me in this mesh dress by Jonathan Simkhai. Even with all the glitter she’s wearing, she somehow manages to give the dress a sparkle—a prime example that all you need to wear with silver is a tan.

I’m also #very impressed with your little silver nose ring – bring back the nose ring! If my piercings from 2005 were still somehow open, I’d go out for a classy skinny ring like Katie’s. – Lara Daly

Best break from Barbicour

I was so overwhelmed by the brightness of Pierpaolo Pink (the name given to the high-impact shade of pink promoted by Valentino’s beloved Pierpaolo Piccioli, captured on red carpets and then kicked off with a promotion in the upcoming Barbie movie and coined the title Barbiecore) that I thought I hadn’t. I’d never like to see another rose red carpet costume.

Sidney Sweeney entered Giambattista Valli at the LACMA Gala earlier this week, in a look that seemed incredibly unexpected for her. I love Sydney, don’t get me wrong, my red carpet choices have never blew me away. – Rebecca Wadi

Best time warp

Among a crowd of gorgeous and sexy looks, I was really impressed by Zoey Deutch’s relatively mini dress from the back at the CFDA Awards. Deutsch told Teen Vogue that the design was influenced by shades of the 1930s, which track because the hat sleeves and minimal floral print also seem to me vaguely reminiscent of Cheongsam, but it’s also clear that there’s more than one ’90s mini dress making an impact. .

All of these references can make the final product look very confusing, but it manages to be very beautiful in its simplicity. I also appreciate that they chose to change the design from the runway – like keeping the Mary Janes but dropping the white ankle socks; I think this would have read as a school girl too. – terabytes

best comeback

she is back! Lindsay Lohan is in publicity for her new Netflix Christmas movie, and it was designed by celebrity designer Law Roach. He was in charge of changing costumes for Celine Dion (and of course his longstanding relationship with Zendaya), so expect plenty of fashion fun.

LiLo never scored Lee as a “fashion girl,” despite her rookie personification, but this bold Christopher John Rogers jumpsuit is cool and unexpected. Its good. – ZWA

Best Self Reference

May we all have the confidence of designer Diane von Furstenberg, wearing a dress that embellished her face. – ZWA

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