Top 10 Datasets Used in Machine Learning Python Projects

by Disha Sinha
April 24, 2022

Datasets are crucial to leveraging in machine learning Python projects to be successful

Students and aspiring work professionals in cutting-edge technologies are focused on building machine learning Python projects. These machine learning Python projects can add value to the hands-on experience with machine learning as well as the trending programming language, Python. But sometimes they look out for several datasets to use for the successful creation of these projects. These project databases are available on the internet while making students feel overwhelmed. Thus, let’s explore some of the top ten datasets for machine learning Python projects in 2022 to gain in-depth knowledge efficacy.

Top ten project datasets for machine learning Python in 2022
Enron electronic mail

Enron electronic mail is one of the top ten machine learning Python datasets with approximately 0.5 million messages. It was originally made public and is popular for pure language processing. This project dataset helps multiple ML Python projects to complete.

Chatbot intents

Chatbot intents is a popular machine learning Python project dataset for classification, recognition, and chatbot development. The dataset is available as a JSON file with disparate tags from a list of patterns for ML Python projects.


Label-studio is an open-source data labeling for different projects on machine learning and Python. Students and working professionals can perform different labeling with multiple data formats as project datasets. It can be integrated with ML models to supply predictions for labels and active learning.


Doccano is a well-known project dataset for machine learning Python projects as an open-source data labeling tool. There are multiple types of labeling tasks with different types of data formats. This dataset offers attractive features for sequence labeling, sequence-to-sequence tasks, text classification, and many more.


Kaggle is the most popular ML Python project dataset for students to explore, analyze, and share high-quality data. It offers multiple categories of 10,000 datasets to successfully complete the projects and add value to the resume.


AWS datasets are well-known for covering the cost of storage for publicly available high-value cloud-optimized datasets. It helps project workers to democratize access to real-time data by making it available for machine learning Python projects.

World Bank

World Bank datasets are popular for providing sufficient data for building a new ML Python project. It helps with good-quality statistical data for the development strategy. The Development Data Group is known for coordinating data with a number of financial and sector datasets.

UCI machine learning

UCI machine learning is also known as UCI machine learning repository for providing around 622 datasets for the machine learning community. Students can use this project dataset for earning a successful project to get hired by eminent tech companies across the world.


GTSRB or German Traffic Sign Recognition Benchmark is known for consisting of 43 classes of traffic signs with 39,209 training data for multiple projects. There are two datasets as a large multi-category classification benchmark for computer vision and ML problems.


Iris is one of the top ten ML Python projects dataset with three different types of irises known as Setosa, Vericolour, and Virginica. It is a multivariate dataset with four different features such as length, width, and many more. It is useful for a typical test case for multiple statistical classifications.

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