Top 10 Golf Games on PC When You Can’t Make the Green – Gameranx

Top 10 Golf Games on PC When You Can’t Make the Green – Gameranx

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Do you like golf good for you! Do you love golf but you’re not quite good at it? We totally understand, so we want to help you out by giving you some rides to help you play golf without the stress of the real thing. Because there’s no pressure in sports video games, right?

#10 Golf Club: Wasteland

Have you ever wanted to just play golf on the same planet without fearing that everything around you would interfere? Golf club: Wasteland It is a game that will give you that experience.

Set in the future, the “rich people” have left Earth while the planet is slowly turning into a wasteland. Now, someone has returned to the planet to play a round of golf. Because they are clearly rich enough to do so!

You play golf rounds through cities, solving puzzles along the way, and uncovering the truth about what happened to planet Earth and the rest of humanity.

What? Who said golf games can’t contain dramatic stories?

#9 Golf with your friends

You usually only play golf with friends in the general sense. To see who can get the best score etc. But in golf with your friends, You will have the opportunity to be more active in the way you play with each other.

Because in this mini golf game, you will play with and against your friends in huge themed courses to top the list. Plus, you’ll all play at once so it’s basically free for everyone.

Not to mention, you’ll all have power ups that you can really get along with and help yourself move forward!

#8 Serious golf

In many sitcoms, golf can be used for many squawks because the golf ball at high speed can cause serious damage. in Serious golf This is the bottom line!

You aim for a one time golf high score by trying to cause as much damage as possible with the golf ball. Don’t aim for the hole, aim at everything around it to get your score up! Plus, if you get the “Smashbreaker” ability, your golf ball will ignite, which will lead to even more carnage!

There are 100 different levels on this very special golf course, so enjoy it!

#7 Golf Club 2

We’ve shown you plenty of “fun-focused” golf so far, but with golf club 2, you will find a more “realistic” golf title. Because here, you will be playing as a real golfer trying to prove his skills on the course.

You can take Career Mode to see what you can achieve at the level of professional golf, then head online and play more golf there!

. Internet Modes golf club 2 Honestly very powerful. You can also join “Associations” with other players online, set up tournaments, and play against others in basic matches.

#6 Golf Party

One of the things that has to be said about golf is that at the major tournaments, they know how to “change things” to make the course look new and not what it used to be.

in golf partyYou’ll see this level of detail and interest on a much larger scale. Because in this physics-based game of golf, you will be able to play with friends on courses that change with every hole you take. You will never play the same hole twice because the world is procedurally created!

Not to mention there are 100 different game modes here that you can play with and through. So, find the ones that will give you the most fun and get going!

#5 Crazy Golf Worms

Oh, look, the worms are back! There’s nothing that can go wrong with this, right?

Anyway, in worms crazy golf, You’ll play worms again as you try and take part in a crazy golfing experience. Fear not, all the antics, humor, and violence in the series are still there, only you’ll see it in a solid golf setting.

We’re not kidding about the strong part either! There are 3 different 18-hole golf courses that you can enjoy in Career Mode. Or you can throw the party online to have a “fly golf” with your friends!

#4 Golf!

As you may have noticed by now, many of these golf games are mini golf in particular. This is not too surprising as this is a staple of the golf industry and the way most of them play. But in golf!, Not only will you play mini golf, but you will have the option to build your own course!

Yes, in the multiplayer editor you can go to the course and redesign it not just for fun, but to pose a real challenge for you and your friends.

There are 2,300 different items that you can use while creating the perfect course. So get creative, then enjoy playing mini golf with your friends!

#3 Turbo Golf Racing

Well, regular golf isn’t “exciting enough” for you, is it? Then let’s see you Turbo Golf Racing! Yes, the only golf game we know of that features hitting giant golf balls with super-fast cars!

Oh, but that’s just the beginning of the madness. Because you will face other players to try to get the ball into the hole first! You have to be fast, use the terrain, and not be afraid to hit other players to succeed!

Equip your car with cores to increase what it can do, then hit the track and set the pedal to the metal!

#2 Damned golf

Are you ready to play the best golf game of your life to save your life? You are about to find out Golf curse!

Because with that title you were about to win a golf tournament when she died! You are sent to “Golf Limbo” and now have to play through some wacky courses to return to the land of the living!

The courses are not typical, and they are governed by special objects that will help teach you how to play golf in limbo. Every shot counts here, as you’ll have to start over if you miss parity! So don’t miss out, come back to life, literally!

#1 PGA Tour 2K21

You’ve probably been waiting for the “Official PGA Golf Title” to appear, and here it is. PGA Tour 2K21 This is the game that golf lovers will want to participate in if you want to play golf with some of the best players out there.

11 different professionals are waiting for you, challenge them to a game across several realistic courses presented in stunning detail. Or you can head online to play with your friends and even play by the rules of golf you want instead of the standard set!

Either way, you’ll get a complete golf experience here, and thus, you shouldn’t miss it.

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