Top 10 podcasts about movies and TV that deserve your ear

If you love movies and TV, you probably listen to a podcast or two. Everyone has their favorites, some love true crime, and some love interview podcasts, but no matter your taste, there’s a podcast for you.

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Even apart from the “TV stars rewatch their TV show” subgenre, there are plenty of podcasts about movies and TV shows that are eager to fill your ears.

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“…these are their stories”

Law and order It is perhaps the most famous television franchise of all time. For decades, the public has watched the police arrest criminals, and their prosecutors have brought them to justice on the small screen. …these are their storiestaking its name from the iconic opening monologue at the beginning of each episode of Law and orderis the show’s ultimate companion podcast.

In every episode of the podcast, Kevin Flynn And the Rebecca Lavoie Discussion of an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intentor the original recipe Law and order with a guest. Occasionally, they will also search for less familiar entries like Law & Order: Los Angeles or Law and order: United Kingdom. With their passion for the show and true crime, Kevin and Rebecca bring a real enthusiasm that makes listening to the show fun, even as they discuss horrific crimes.

Screen Drafts

As movie lovers, we all discuss with our friends about the best blockbuster movie of the ’80s, the best romance movie of the ’90s, or the best movie starring a cast member. friends. screen drafts It’s basically the podcast version of those kinds of conversations.

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sponsored by Clay Keeler And the Ryan MarkerAnd the screen drafts Film lovers pit each other against each other to collectively rank the 7 best examples of a given topic. They do so in a battle of wits and strategy, where they use their knowledge and ability to make a compelling argument to try and create the list they want. Some episodes, especially mega-drafts and hacks, are over three hours long, but thanks to coordination and guest involvement, including the likes Drew McQueeni And the Clark WolfYou will never be bored.

“Colors of Darkness”

Rebecca McKendry And the Elric King They’ve been broadcasting about horror movies for years, having previously hosted killer pov podcasts and shock waves Audio notation. Their latest podcast is dark colorsAnd that might be the best they have.

Becca has a Ph.D. in media studies and teaches at the University of Southern California, and here is the chair of film and digital content at Hussain College, so you can trust they know what they’re talking about. In every episode of dark colors, Elric and Bekah follow up on what they saw that week, then focus on a specific topic like cosmic horror or popular horror, and recommend deep cuts you may not have heard of before. They both have a distinct passion for horror. So much so that they both took to channel the horror features themselves. Listen to it if you like all things scary and weird, then watch the latest McKendry movies, Glorious on the chills.

“Okay Mary”

Cloud artists are taking over the world. From Shangela Appear in Dancing with the starsto me RuPaul Having become the most decorated, colorful person in Emmys history, the art of pulling is impossible to ignore. ok mary It is the perfect podcast to keep you up to date with the latest cloud-based reality TV shows.

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In every episode of Well Mary,Collin And the johnny break the ring of RuPaul’s Drag Race or Dragoula Brothers Bullet privileges. This even includes international franchises such as Drag race in Canada And the Drag the Philippines Race Behind the “OnlyMarys” Patreon firewall. Coleen and Johnny are great hosts, always finding the positive in episodes, while taking the time to be suspicious and funny. Just as they fall in love with the “Queen of Pizza” every season, you will fall in love with this podcast.

The Attitude Era Podcast

You might not necessarily think of professional wrestling as a TV show first and foremost, but why not? It’s basically a weekly soap opera with more hits. Attitude Era podcast Treating it like that, he breaks down WWE programming seasons by talking about pay-per-views for a particular story.

For those unaware, WWE’s long history has been broken down into eras of programming with a particular flavor of wrestling. The podcast started as Kevin Mahone, Adam Bibello, And the Billy Cable Watch WWE’s beloved “Attitude Era,” which took place in the late ’90s and early 2000s, when wrestling was more controversial and more popular than ever. They have since dived into other eras, and always bring their hilarious comments. If you are not familiar with professional wrestlingAttitude era podcast It serves as a great entry into WWE’s long, fearsome history.

“not disturbed”

There are a lot of podcasts about bad movies. There is something in human nature that attracts criticism. not disturbed Proof that it can be just as fun to talk about some of the best movies ever made.

hosted by an actor Paul Sher and film critic Amy NicholsonAnd the not disturbed It started as a podcast reviewing every film in the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Films list. After completing this mountain mission, they set out to look at some of the greatest films of all time with the goal of composing their own list of the 100 greatest films of all time. What makes their dynamics fascinating is that Amy brings the film’s intellectual critique into the discussion, and Paul comes into the movie as an actor for the average movie fan. It’s a great podcast for any movie looking for a hidden gem recommendation or a great classic.

“With Gurley and Rust”

podcast star Matt Gurley and the actor Paul Rust Host With gorley and rust, Relaxing podcast about some of the scariest and scariest movies of all time. It is long, comfortable and very funny.

The podcast started as At Voorhees we trust with gorley and rust, It has since evolved to cover many famous trailers, and even some other classic horror movies. Each season of the show has a theme, either a specific franchise or movie slate, and then in each episode Gourley and Rust talk casually and warmly about a different movie over the course of several hours. Most of the episodes are longer than the movies themselves, but they are never that long because the conversation is so much fun.

‘This Had Oscar Buzz’

Whether you find personal value at the Oscars or not, it is undeniable that a movie that wins an Oscar secures a place in film history. Every year hundreds, if not thousands, of films are made in hopes of making it onto the stage. Unfortunately, not all of them do.

This was an Oscar Buzz It is the podcast dedicated to looking at films that were made in hopes of getting an Oscar nomination but failed. hosts Atmosphere And the Chris Dive into a different movie each week, analyzing the good and bad and possible reasons he missed out on the golden statues. Some see the “Oscar movie” as a formula, but this podcast is proof that even if you have all the pieces of the puzzle, you can still miss it.

“How was this made?”

How was this made? Perhaps the most popular movie podcast of all time. Hosted by Paul Scheer, Jason MantzoukasAnd the John Diane RaphaelEach episode covers one of the worst and/or craziest movies ever made.

They covered the likes comicThe The Fast and the Furiousfranchise, and Unique unique drop, which split the fan base because it’s actually the favorite June movie of all time. Paul, June, and Jason all have great chemistry and their guests, like Nick Kroll The legend of the podcast Paul F. TompkinsHe’s always good with the crew. All of this makes for the most entertaining podcast that movie fans will ever listen to.

“New Arrivals”

Everyone has this incredibly popular franchise, but for some reason, you just missed it. It turns out, comedy stars Nicole Byer And the Lauren Labcus She has quite a few.

on me New arrivalsLauren and Nicole dive into a series they know nothing about or know nothing about, like Star Wars, Lord of the Ringsand the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As they make their way through the franchise, you get their honest, cruel and often funny opinions, like the love of Jar-Jar Binks. However, the best season is when they dive into a world Tyler Perry Movies. They really can’t get enough of that wacky melodrama. When Lauren Labcus gave birth to her child, John Gabros I filled her to walk Nicole across The Fast and the Furious Franchise business. It’s the best podcast that makes you laugh and feel better because you’re not in the most popular movie ever.


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