Top 10 Shows Like Big Shot

Top 10 Shows Like Big Shot

With its second season recently kicking off on Disney+, fans of big shot Whoever did the latest episodes can’t wait for another season of Coach K’s court antics. In the meantime, there are a bunch of great performances focused on the sport to keep fans going until next season.

From other Disney shows like The Great Ducks: Game Changers To more serious topics such as friday night lights, big shot In Good Company is among some of the best sports programs on TV. Although there are plenty of shows about athletes, only a select few enjoy watching Disney’s hit shows.

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Diary of a Future President (2020–present)

Stream on Disney+

Elena speaking in front of the class in the future president's diary

Although it has nothing to do with sports like big shotAnd the Diary of a future president He shares his themes for kids trying to make their way through elementary school. Elena is the future boss, but the show revolves around her life as a freshman in middle school just trying to survive.

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The show targets an audience slightly smaller than big shotBut it has enough of a mix of drama and comedy that it’s very entertaining for families. Shows about navigating school life are a dime a dozen, but Diary of a future president The public knows that school can be a challenging but rewarding phase in an individual’s life.

Last Chance U: Basketball (2021–present)

Stream on Netflix

The basketball team stands for Last Chance U: Basketball on Netflix

anyway big shot Features the dramatic story of a high school basketball team, Last Chance U: Basketball Documentary format is used to capture reality. Following students at a high school in East Los Angeles, the show chronicles their pursuit of their basketball dreams by getting a scholarship to play in college.

For many students on offer, a scholarship is the only way they can get into college, and it’s those stakes that help make Basketball One of the best sports documentaries on Netflix. Perfect as a companion piece for big shotDocuseries show the real struggles of student-athletes.

Swagger (2021–present)

Stream on Apple TV +

A basketball player standing on the field preparing to take a shot from Swagger

Show another side of athletics to students, swagger It draws from the real-life experiences of NBA players to paint an intriguing picture of their rise to fame. The series follows several young adults and their families as they navigate the complex world of the youth economy and sports in an effort to become professional basketball players.

Avoid comedy big shotAnd the swagger It is the perfect series for any young person seriously considering a career in professional sports. Regarded as one of the best Apple TV+ shows of 2021, the drama in the series is the most gruesome for its closeness to reality.

A League of Their Own (2022)

Stream on Amazon Prime Video

The cast of a league of their own

Although he is more like and more mature than adults big shotAnd the their own league It’s also a clever exploration of athletics with a fair amount of LGBTQ+ representation as well. Set during World War II, the show follows an all-female baseball team traveling across the country to play their games.

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Like the intertwined drama of his teammates big shotthe majority of the story takes place off the field in their own league. Being a remake of a beloved movie means the series has a big shoe to fill, but it manages to exceed expectations by adding more depth than was found in the original story.

Bonheads (2012-2013)

Stream on Hulu

Bunheads actors standing in a dance studio

Although it is now best remembered as a great TV drama that only lasted for one season, bunheads It really is one of the greatest “what if?” Scenarios in modern history. The series revolves around a dancer who abandons her dreams of marrying a man in a quiet town in California. Once there, she finds her true calling as mentor to a band of young dancers.

With each dancer getting an interesting bow, bunheads rivals big shot In the amount of dramatic narrative threads, she was able to weave them in just one season. Co-created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the series is reminiscent of the relaxed, relaxed tone of her other creations such as Gilmore Girls.

Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)

Stream on Netflix and Hulu

The coach walks with his team off the field from Friday Night Lights

setting standards for sports dramas, Friday night lights It was an inevitable cultural touchstone when he was on the air. In Dillon, Texas, the high school football team is the most valuable thing in town, and the coach is tasked with keeping everything together week after week.

big shot It’s certainly quite a fun show, but the two series naturally cover similar ground when it comes to the challenges of high school life. Although field events take a back seat in character-based drama, Friday night lights It would be nothing with football.

All American (2018–present)

Stream on Netflix

A player looking out from the sidelines at All American

turns into a privilege of his own, All Americans It was one of The CW’s best shows for several years in a row. Spencer James is a star soccer player at his local high school, but when he’s recruited to play at a bigger school across town, he’s pushed into a new world completely different from the one he came from.

take place in a similar environment like big shotAnd the All Americans He goes further in exploring the class issues that come with athletes from different neighborhoods. Basically the dramatic equivalent of big shotMany of the show’s best episodes tackled deep-rooted issues that trouble teenagers in this day and age.

Ted Lasso (2020–present)

Stream on Apple TV +

Ted Lasso looks beaming.

Coaches of their element is the thread that connects Ted Lasso with big shotAnd both shows have an unforgettable master. To help fix a struggling British soccer team, a clueless but optimistic American soccer coach is hired to turn things around.

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Ted’s infectious charm couldn’t help but fascinate the audience, and his hilarious interactions with British culture are enough to make viewers laugh. In the end, Ted Lasso It is the perfect sports show because it includes all the aspects that make sports fun, the challenge, the hope and the inevitable heartbreak.

Cobra Kai (2018–present)

Stream on Netflix

Students at Cobra Kai Dojo stand in attentive rows.

Proving to be much more than just a way to nostalgia, Cobra Kai He took one of the best sports movies of the ’80s and expanded it. Decades after the events the Karate KidJohnny Lawrence reopens Cobra Kai Dojo in hopes of finding salvation.

Making the movie’s villain the hero of the show was a smart choice, and it completely reworked the movie’s mythology. for lovers big shotAnd the Cobra Kai It offers the perfect blend of martial arts and personal drama that gives sports more meaning.

The Great Ducks: Game Changers (2021–present)

Stream on Disney+

Might Ducks Game Changers team poses for a promotional photo

big shot It’s not the only original sports-oriented show on Disney+, and The Great Ducks: Game Changers Taken from the classic Disney Sports series. After failing to secure a spot on the highly competitive Mighty Ducks hockey team, a young man forms his own team of rag-tag players.

It was simply easy to adapt the original story into a TV show, but the creators game changers I decided to give viewers something new in the same vein as the original films. The series is fun and entertaining, striking a nice balance between action on the ice and the hustle and bustle of being off the ice.

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