TrojanSports – Basketball: USC announces the signing of PG Silas Demary Jr.

TrojanSports – Basketball: USC announces the signing of PG Silas Demary Jr.

For years now, USC basketball fans have been craving the next big point guard to pick Trojans and cement a position that has been filled mostly by players more naturally suited to off-ball roles.

Well, USC may have addressed that need in the 2023 recruitment category, announcing the signing of four-star point guard Silas DeMarie Jr. of Lincolnton, North Carolina, who ranked 58th in the National odds class in the 2023 class.

Demary has been ranked as a combo bouncer by other recruiting services, but Rivals analysts rated him as the 17th best goalkeeper in this category.

Meanwhile, the Trojans could have more talent coming into the position as they remain the number one contender for five-star point guard Isaiah Collier, of Marietta, Ga. In this class.

Collier is not expected to announce his decision until November 15. USC is one of the candidates for his commitment, with Cincinnati likely to be the main contender and Michigan also in the mix.

USC also holds a commitment from fellow Collier’s Wheeler High School, powerful four-star striker Arrinten Page. USC has not officially announced the signing on the page, and the 6-foot-9 striker is ranked No. 57 in this category.

That has already fizzled out, however, and with two of the top 60 national teams in the fold, Trojans coach Andy Enfield and his staff continue to establish themselves as elite staff year after year, and now builds momentum with the NBA draft pick each of the past four years – Kevin Porter Jr. In 2019, Onyeka chose Okongwu in the first round lottery in 2020, the first round lottery picked Evan Mobley in 2021 and Isaiah Mobley in the second round this year.

USC offered Dimari in late July and discontinued his commitment on October 7. He spoke to Jesse Zimbal, of the Rivals’ NC State website, about how the Trojans won him so quickly.

“During that quick period, they changed my mind a lot and made me want to go there. Just getting up there, being around the players, the coaches, being able to sit down and pick everyone’s minds, knowing why I should go there, I feel like that really helped me take that decision,” Demari said.

Enfield has been very consistent in his hiring while Assistant Manager Chris Capko once again demonstrated his capabilities as a recruiter while helping secure Demarie’s commitment.

“The relationship between me and coach Enfield is great. He calls me a lot, checks in, attends all my games during the live broadcast, and I feel like a Capco coach, he puts ice cream on top, as if smoothly it’s all over,” Dimari said. “The relationship I have with Capco is great, he’s a great guy. I can talk to him about anything other than basketball, then the coach. [Eric] Mobley, who has two sons in the NBA, that was really what sold me as well.”

Dimari’s father of the same name played in the Arena Football League from 2001 to 2008, including a game with the now-defunct Los Angeles Avengers from 2004-07. Demari’s greater experience of living in Los Angeles was helpful to his son in assessing whether USC was the right occasion.

“As soon as I hear my family’s stories telling me how it is, the media, all the big names out there, I feel like I just want to go out there and be a part of it,” said DeMarie Jr.

“…my mind flips over to work to become a professional. I want to be a professional NBA athlete, so I just change the way I think, change the way I do things, and lock in more to become an NBA player.”

Demary also developed a relationship with Collier through the camp circuit and had some USC talks with the five-star guard.

“I know him very well,” said Demari. “We went to some camps and things together. I picked his mind about it, but I didn’t want to try to ask him too much—that’s his decision.” “I mention things now and then, but that’s his decision.”

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