UGASports – Fact or Fiction: Brent Key Did Enough to Earn a Georgia Tech . Job

UGASports – Fact or Fiction: Brent Key Did Enough to Earn a Georgia Tech . Job

National Competitors Recruitment Analyst Ryan Wright Together with a national analyst Clint CosgroveAnd the Kelly Quinlan From JacketsOnline.com and Frank Tucker from CanesCounty.com addresses three topics and determines whether they think each statement is FACT or FICTION.

1. Big Ten teams will benefit from recruiting Florida and Georgia more difficult.

Mel Tucker (USA Today Sports Images)

Take Wright: Reality. Ohio has eight players in the 2023 class from Georgia and Florida bound for Columbus, all five- and four-star; How great is this team in two years? Many of the recent Buckeyes conferences are all-American, like the Bosa brothers and Justin Fields, to name a few, from the Southeast.

In the 2019 cycle, Michigan made the Southeast a priority to land seven times. Penn State goes to the area consistently with mixed results but is making the effort. under Mel TuckerFlorida is definitely a valuable recruiting ground. Far from the aforementioned, most of the top 10 teams seem to be dropping offers on Florida and Georgia players and they’ll never hear from them again.

Regional bias, but there is a lot of talent in the area, many of the three-star Southeast players will be at a different level in most of the top 10 states. Those extra athletes on the field make a huge difference on the scoreboard. More efforts need to be done in the region through Big Ten programs.

Cosgrove takes: imagination. I think the field product would be better if the Big Ten schools consistently had access to top talent from Georgia and Florida, but beating the SEC team in their recruiting game is hard to do unless your mascot is Buckeye, Wolverine, or Nittany Lion.

You either have to be a Blueblood with the resources to beat Alabama and Georgia into the world or do a great job of constantly identifying difference makers that major Southern programs ignore in order to have so much success in recruiting these states. This can be done because Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and other Big Ten have landed a game-changer from Georgia and Florida in recent years, and I think every program of the convention needs to find out about both states’ recruiting, but at the same time it’s often an uphill battle for the schools of the West. middle to focus all their resources on recruiting any area in which they play the role of second fiddle.


2. Brent Key did enough to land a full-time Head of Training position at Georgia Tech.

Brent key

Brent Key (USA Today Sports Images)

Take Wright: imagination. In three defeats this season under the leadership of the former coach Jeff Collins, The margin of defeat was 30 points and it looks like the Yellow Vests lost completely. The interim coach made an immediate difference in winning conference games against Pete and Duke only to lose back-to-back games against Virginia and Florida State where the game against the Cavaliers (3-6) was winnable.

The Yellow Vests (4-5) have three matches left to reach the magic six-wins mark for making a ball. We can scratch the possibility of beating Georgia at the end of the season, and leave must-win games against Miami and North Carolina.

So far, Key has done an amazing job of making Georgia Tech competitive, and the staff has standardized their hiring chapter and made moves along the way with an expectation to be in the building next year. To get over that hump by removing the temporary mark, Key must win his conference games. Fans love Key, which is understandable, but if the Yellow Jackets miss an opportunity to go bowling, a high-profile head coach could steal the job away from Key.

Take Quinlan: Brent Key is a great guy, but he needs a win or two more to really show his ability to move the needle, and that will be tough with the games remaining on the schedule other than Miami. A win over Miami and a close play with UNC might do the trick, but a lot depends on how the new AD emerges J pat He sees progress and who thinks about the job. Batt is a first time AD and worked with Key in Alabama, so the way it’s all done is going to be an interesting part of that process as well. No one will work as hard to be as successful as Key in his alma mater, but the past three years under Collins have left a bad taste in many mouths about the program wanting a clean slate for a new coach. This is perhaps the biggest obstacle at the moment.

Key did an impressive job as an interim coach who changed things, especially after star quarterback Jeff Sims lost to a foot injury at the end of Duke’s game, but the ball attempt will go a long way toward giving him some momentum to sustain a career. Recruiting was tough given the uncertainty as well, so a few wins on that front might help improve his chances as well.

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3. Miami has more great recruits to land in the 2023 Recruitment Class.

Samuel Mbemba

Samuel Mbemba

Take Wright: imagination. The commitment heard about the recruiting world was five-star Cormani MacLean’s corner bound for Miami over Florida. Can the stick keep the ball rolling? Maybe but doubtful. There are hopes of landing IMG defensive five-star Samuel Mbemba, who has yet to take his official to Miami, and five-star Massachusetts offensive tackle Samson Okunlula. For months, Okunlula was considered a Miami slant while M’Pemba was a Georgia slant. Outside of Okunlola, unless a major coup occurs, other potential Rivals100 teams are not expected to stick to Miami.

On the upside, keeping the end of Robin Payne’s four-star defense at home would be a huge win. If Miami somehow manages to get five-star receiver Brandon Ennis to change his mind and put him out of Ohio State, that would win all the action around the early signing period.

Take Tucker: Reality. Miami is in a prime position to finish this 2023 class with great fanfare. Five-star offensive tackle Samson Okunlula looks like a lock for Miami and was in high spirits with the Miami recruits after the Florida State game, despite the score. The four-star Damary Brown has family ties to Miami and seems to be getting closer and closer to picking sticks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a local defensive end Robin Payne or Florida commit to a broad future and Andy Jane end up in this category as well.

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