Unsafe Work Environment Threatens Sustainability and Profit – CEO, VRA – MyJoyOnline.com

Unsafe Work Environment Threatens Sustainability and Profit – CEO, VRA – MyJoyOnline.com

A poor safety culture in organizations can undermine the bottom line and its sustainability.

This is according to the CEO of the Volta River Authority (VRA), Emmanuel Antoi d’Arqua, who believes that organizations have an obligation to create a safe work environment because accidents, injuries and deaths in such places have elements of unsafe behaviour.

This came at the celebration of this year’s Safety Awareness Day at VRA’s Tema Thermal Power Complex (TTPC) where Procurement Director Jacob Fosu Kyi represented the CEO.

The event with the theme: “Improving our Health and Safety Culture for the Sustainability of our Business” aims to promote the safety and well-being of VRA employees which strictly adhere to their safety ethics.

“The VRA relies on the collective skills and output of its staff, without whose efforts the Authority’s operations would be in serious jeopardy.”

He said, “The health, safety, welfare and security of the workforce are essential to the Authority’s short, medium and long term competitiveness, profitability and sustainability.”

However, the company fears that this will not be achieved if employees do not make conscious efforts to improve their occupational health and safety behaviours.

The authority emphasized that a positive safety culture can be achieved by identifying, mitigating and reviewing risks.

Unsafe Work Environment Threatens Sustainability and Profit - CEO, VRA

“While I commend existing risk assessments, routine inspections and compliance audits, I would like to encourage all levels of leadership in the authority to deepen commitment to existing safety work processes,” urged Mr. Antwi Darqua.

Given the need to prioritize worker health, safety and well-being and areas of operation, VRA management over the years has followed best practices in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) through ISO certifications and Occupational Health and Safety Performance Measurement.

The CEO requested that these health and safety standards be extended to third parties and stakeholders including contractors.

Procurement Director Jacob Fosu Kyi, who took over as President for the occasion, confirmed the VRA’s stance on safety.

He told Joy Business that health and safety remain at the core of their operations.

Unsafe Work Environment Threatens Sustainability and Profit - CEO, VRA

“The effects of non-compliance with safety rules and regulations cannot be overemphasized. He reminded the participants that there are legal issues, compensation to be paid and other implications.

Director of the Tema Thermal Power Complex Station, Eng. Samuel K. said: Yeboah said in his speech since 2016 that they have not yet had any major injury at the complex because of the importance they place on safety.

Special guest researcher and management coach Dr. Alex Anelsinha tells participants how companies around the world are losing human resources aside huge sums of money paid out in compensation due to safety issues.

He urged organizations in Ghana and the country in general to adopt a strong culture towards health and safety to be able to reduce the impact of sustainability on occupational health and safety challenges in organizations

“Nationally, we lack a strong leadership commitment to health and safety. We do not currently have a coherent national health and safety policy. What we do have is scattered across various documents.”

He added: “It appears that organizations and stakeholders responsible for health and safety do not have good resources to ensure proper implementation of existing health and safety legislation.”

He called on state agencies such as trade unions and ministries of health, labor and employment as well as other stakeholders to take a more serious approach to health and safety issues.

“We need to start measuring health and safety challenges across industries so that we can guide future policies. This will help organizations navigate the tough economic challenges they face and contribute to the sustainability of their human capital base and the environment.”

Dr. Anlisiniah has tasked the VRA with constantly reviewing the health and safety policy due to the changing trends in terms of risks in the workplace.

Staff had the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

The event, whose motto was “Safer You Are Safer” was held at the same time at other VRA sites.

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