‘Unthinkable’ – Nate Diaz Won’t Think of Jon Jones in a GOAT Conversation

Just who are the MMA legends? The last 20 years of combat sports have given fans some amazingly dominant stars. Fighters like Jorge St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo and Fedor Emelianenko, who have dominated their competition for years and years on end.

On the surface, at least, one man definitely belongs in that company that stands out as the greatest lightweight heavyweight talent of all time: former UFC champ Jon Jones.

Currently, in a self-imposed gap of active competition, Jones dominated the 205-pound division from 2011 to 2020 – undefeated in 18 straight games and closing the door to three different generations of title contenders and former champions. Unfortunately, at the time, he also had several runs with drug testing partners in the UFC. This included a 2016 failed drug test for clomiphene and letrozole (both often used to prevent side effects from steroid use) and a 2017 USADA violation of trace amounts of the anabolic steroid Turinabol.

For these reasons, Nate Diaz, the upcoming UFC 279 PPV leader, was adamant about firing Jones as one of the all-time MMA greats. Diaz recently sat down to speak with ESPN, where he offered his thoughts on the current and past chapters of elite MMA talent among other things.

“OGs…Anderson [Silva]”GSP” (Georges Saint-Pierre), Fedor [Emelianenko] … From? john [Jones]? Diaz explained (copy via Fighting MMA). “I don’t care. Silva either. Like, I mean, with all due respect to them because they’re cool, but if you’re on steroids that’s totally — if you get caught, you’re surprised… he says?

“If you do it out loud, it’s different. They were all shooting steroids and then everyone yelling. It’s like, OK, I’m ready to fight [expletive] on steroids. I don’t give f***. But if you do it [and hiding it]Like, let’s all talk about it. You do steroids, I’ll smoke weed and then let’s get in there and screw it up. I don’t give f***.

“But you sneak up on steroids with you in mind? Diaz continued.” That legacy is all gone and over. All those guys that you consider to be goats, if you guys are all goats… I don’t give a f*** because I know I can be said to be up there with a good portion of the people out there in the world. But the way the UFC makes it, it’s all in numbers and numbers. You’re not even involved, it’s like yeah, right. [Look at] 15 years of my age.”

Diaz himself had a brief run with USADA in 2019, when a drug testing partner at the UFC informed him that it was Ligandrol – also known as LGD-4033. A selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) — often used to treat muscular dystrophy — the drug has found its way into the world of PEDs, too. Diaz was eventually cleared of all wrongdoing after LGD-4033 was found to be an unlisted ingredient in a supplement he was taking at the time.

The longtime fighter trained by Cesar Gracie is preparing to face Khamzat Chimaev in the main event of UFC 279, for what is generally expected to be his final appearance for the biggest MMA show in the world. The main co-main team is set to feature its first welterweight champion, former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, to face Li Jingliang. Stay tuned for more news and notes as the night of the fight approaches.

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