Using advanced technology in breast cancer treatment

Using advanced technology in breast cancer treatment

Gone are the days of women and men dying of breast cancer in developed countries. Over time, medical scientists have been able to create modern medical machines for diagnosing and treating breast cancer. The machines used in the treatment of cancer have been modernized, thus improving their performance. Developed countries have upgraded to using a fully automated radiotherapy device called Cyberknife for the targeted treatment of breast cancer and other types of cancer. This advanced technology in medical sciences has brought success stories into the lives of patients and survivors. There are cases of cancer survivors celebrating up to 30 years surviving the disease.

Technology, according to Britannica, “is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical goals of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to alter and manipulate the human environment.” At its core, technology is life. It modifies and facilitates human activities. Technology has been used to facilitate human activities starting with communication, education, transportation, medicine, etc. As much as people see technology as a great evil, it has to some extent given people a second chance at life.

To illustrate how modern technology works in diagnosing and treating breast cancer, there are more breast cancer survivors in developed countries because scientists continue to make breakthroughs in medical science over time. Stage IV breast cancer patients have the opportunity to prolong and improve the quality of life due to having access to modern medical devices. These medical technologies are accessible to all as a result of government interventions through insurance. Hence, there is no excuse for one not to be treated in developed countries.

African countries are starting to wake up from technological progress, this progress is noticeable in Nigeria but the main focus has been only on IT and FinTech. Despite the fact that information technology is bringing the world closer, we also have to invest in technological advances in medicine. Even after surviving for seven years, I still can’t believe Nigeria has only one PETSCAN machine, owned primarily by an Indian diagnostic center. The PETSCAN machine is a medical machine that detects the smallest diseases in the body. We must have at least six; One in all geopolitical regions of the country. There is no need to blame individuals who have no interest in investing in PETSCAN and other modern medical technologies as they need adequate power supply, which is still a long way off in Nigeria. Hence, the technological advancement of medicine cannot flourish in Nigeria.

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women in Nigeria. There are a lot of breast cancer survivors dying carelessly because they do not have access to well-equipped diagnostic centers and they are also tested in old medical machines despite paying a lot of money with this equipment; Which explains why the breast cancer survival rate in Nigeria continues to be staggering. Unfortunately, breast cancer patients who have lost their lives are often the workforce in the country. In developed countries, you find that many breast cancer patients are still productive and beneficial to the economic growth of their country. When stinging women develop breast cancer due to a lack of well-equipped medical facilities, the country will suffer the loss of those individuals who could have contributed positively to the economy.

As the general elections are fast approaching, I would advise anyone who will become the next president of Nigeria to have a focus or a shift of mind towards the advancement of technology in medicine by putting in place the policies and structures that will promote this progress; Also making it affordable and accessible for the average Nigerian. So far, the only PETSCAN machine is not within reach of someone like me from the working class community who deserves one. Also, the next administration should scrutinize the diagnostic centers as to the quality of the technology they are using so that the owners of the diagnostic centers do not continue to buy outdated and no longer useful testing machines in the country to test innocent Nigerians. Good health should not be a luxury in Nigeria. It should be a necessity on hand.

Vkeisi, a two-time cancer survivor, can be reached via [email protected]

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