Virtual Reality Market Will Reach $20.9 Billion By 2028 At A CAGR Of 27.9% | Market share, segmentation, future growth and trend analysis by Market Research N

Virtual Reality Market Will Reach $20.9 Billion By 2028 At A CAGR Of 27.9% | Market share, segmentation, future growth and trend analysis by Market Research N

Chicago, November 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A research report published by Markets N Research”virtual reality marketBy Type (Head-Mount Monitors, Gesture Trackers, Projectors, Display Walls etc.) By Application (Commercial, Consumer, Enterprise, Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense etc.) Market – Growth, Outlook, Post COVID-19 2021 Scenario – 2028”, states that the global virtual reality market It is expected to reach US$20.9 billion by 2028; Expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29.5% During the forecast period from 2022 to 2028.

Increasing demand for virtual reality among various industries due to changing technological systems, the introduction of 5G network is increasingly driving the growth of virtual reality as the network provides very low latency and high bandwidth such as training, entertainment etc., can be easily implemented. Also, the 5G network increases opportunities for businesses and connects different sectors of different industries. Virtual reality is growing rapidly in the healthcare industry also for the purpose of surgical training, clinical evaluations, patient examination and treatments such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, etc. can be provided to patients and thus there is a huge demand for virtual reality. . Likewise, the automotive industry is one of the most prominent industries using virtual reality, with manufacturers using virtual reality to finalize vehicle designs rather than having to produce and manufacture their prototype; The virtual training module industry provides new training for carpenters related to the workstation so that accidents can be prevented and many other benefits are provided through virtual reality.

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Virtual Reality Market Overview:

The gaming industry is increasingly introducing virtual reality technology to gamers to enhance their gaming experience for a wide game angle. Hence, the ever-increasing growth in healthcare, automotive, defense, aerospace, gaming, etc., drives the growth of the VR market due to its importance and importance. Virtual reality is a versatile market and is increasingly used for various purposes, for example, most companies offer virtual reality to advertise and improve the shopping experience of customers. The increasing use of virtual reality in the education sector to inculcate knowledge in children is a big factor for profitable growth of the market. Virtual reality in general is expected to grow rapidly and is set to reach new frontiers with each passing year due to new technological developments and developments. Hence, these factors are expected to drive growth and disposable income as well as provide future opportunities for the virtual reality market globally.

Scope of the Virtual Reality Market Report:

Report coverage details
prediction period 2022 to 2028
Forecast period from 2022 to 2028 compound annual growth rate 27.9%
2028 Value Drop US$20.9 billion
base year 2021
Market size in 2021 US$441.8 million
Historical data about 2018 to 2021

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Well-established companies focus on investments in the research and development sector to develop new technologies and collaborations to enhance the use of virtual reality. Thus, the virtual reality market is expected to grow significantly in the following years due to the availability of a variety of product offerings by various companies due to changing technology and user preferences.

Major Key Players in Virtual Reality Market:

  • CyberGlove Systems Inc.
  • Barco Nevada
  • Oculus (Facebook Technologies LLC)
  • VIVE (HTC)
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Sensex Corporation
  • Sixense Enterprises Inc.
  • Ultraleap Ltd. and EON Reality Inc.

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Segmentation of the Virtual Reality Market Report:

Global Virtual Reality Market, by Type

On the basis of type, the virtual reality market is segmented into the following:

  • Head-mounted displays
  • Gesture trackers
  • Projectors and display walls
  • Aharon

Global Virtual Reality Market, by Application

On the basis of application, the virtual reality market is segmented into the following:

  • commercial
  • consumer
  • project
  • Health Care
  • space and defense
  • Aharon

Recent Developments:

  • In 2021 BigBox VR . has been acquired by Facebook Technologies, LLC He is a developer of virtual reality games. This acquisition was made to enhance the VR game experience and increase the number of players and the speed of play.
  • Facebook Technologies, LLC Introduced a New Virtual Reality It can be used to control augmented reality glasses. The wrist strap provides interpretation of the user’s hand moments which are stimulated by the brain and also individual behavior such as likes, interests, dislikes and other factors can be predicted in real time through device predictions.

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content list:

Chapter number. 1: Introduction

1.1 Scope of the report and description

1.1.1. The purpose of the study

1.1.2. the target audience

1.1.3. USP and key offers

1.2 Main benefits for stakeholders

1.3 Scope of the report

Chapter number. 2: report summary

2.1. Main results

2.1.1. top investment pockets VR Market attractiveness analysis by type Virtual Reality Market Attractive Analysis, By Application Analysis of the attractiveness of the virtual reality market by region

2.2. Market Snapshot: Global Virtual Reality Market

2.3 Global Virtual Reality Market, 2022-2028 (US$ Million)

Chapter number. 3: Analysis of the impact of COVID-19

3.1. Assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by region

3.1.1. North America: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

3.1.2. Europe: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

3.1.3. Asia Pacific: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

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