Walsh Natural Health owner switched from corporate life to nutrition and wellness – Evanston RoundTable

Walsh Natural Health owner switched from corporate life to nutrition and wellness – Evanston RoundTable

It was 2005, and Lynn Bednar was dealing with a series of health issues, including back issues.

Lynn Bednar, owner of Walsh Natural Health attributed to him: supplied

Disillusioned with what the traditional medical system had to offer and unsatisfied with the temporary nature of prescription drugs, she began exploring other options. I started with a deep dive into alternative therapies like acupuncture, reiki, massage, hydrotherapy, and supplementation. This is where the journey to her store, Walsh Natural Health, begins.

“I was so fascinated by this whole other world that I had never recognized it in 40 years,” Bednar recalls. “In order to learn more about it, and possibly create a new career around it, I called the store to inquire about working there. Turns out it was for sale. Since I had a strong business background, I knew I could run a business. And so, I bought it!”

Walsh Natural Health, named after a previous owner, is now in its 17th year under Bednar ownership. At 2116½ Central Street, it’s Chicagoland’s top destination for health and wellness solutions.

“Our number one priority when it comes to our products is quality,” Bednar said. “We hold companies that exceed FDA requirements, that are cautious about sourcing ingredients that have science-backed products.

“While we try to tailor our recommendations to each individual’s needs, we have some products that are more commonly purchased than others. These include collagen peptides, turmeric, probiotics and multivitamins. And of course, throughout the pandemic, the demand for immune support supplements has been very high.”

The pursuit of passion

Bednar previously worked for a large accounting firm and managed commercial real estate portfolios. She moved away from her career to be at home with her children, and after her divorce she realized she needed to get back to work.

The shelves at Walsh Natural Health are filled with an array of products. attributed to him: supplied

“After doing the rounds with some of my old teammates, I realized I wanted to do something different,” she said. “After the health issues I mentioned, I became really interested in natural health. I wanted something flexible so that I could be there for my kids and getting back into company life wasn’t the answer.”

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