WBC removes Russian and Belarusian fighters from the rating, and will not punish their fights

WBC removes Russian and Belarusian fighters from the rating, and will not punish their fights

TThe WBC Board of Governors reviewed the situation regarding boxing in Russia And the Belarus In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began in February 2022.

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, the WBC issued a provisional ruling with revised views WBC The position, if necessary in this agreement, depends on the general situation and the present state of the conquest.

The WBC interim ruling included two decisions

The WBC will not authorize any fighting within the territory of Russia or Belarus.

WBC will not sanction any fight involving any boxer from either of these two countries.

The Russian military invasion halted all boxing activities in Ukraine. Many sports complexes and gymnasiums have been destroyed, and the population of Ukraine, including athletes, lives under constant threat of bombings and deadly attacks on their territory.

WBC stands for human equality, respect and peace. historically WBC Reject any kind of discrimination or abuse of power. The WBC Constitution’s Code of Ethics sets out the respect that must be accorded to all national laws in any WBC affiliated country.

It’s a pity that WBC This situation has resulted in athletes becoming innocent victims of acts of aggression outside our sport, which in many ways have damaged the world’s longing for peace.

On November 6, 2022, the WBC Board of Governors met here in Acapulco WBC The board approved a decision to remove all boxers from Russia and Belarus from the official WBC world rankings.

Any specific cases of citizens of the above-mentioned countries who are permanent residents of other countries, citizens of other countries, or living as refugees who have publicly rejected Russia’s actions in the current situation, are entitled to petition the WBC for reconsideration of the application. subordinate WBC rule for their own case.

This measures in WBC The ruling is effective immediately, and will remain in effect until such time as Ukraine is able to resume normal boxing activity or when the WBC Board of Directors reassess the situation and amend its ruling.

WBC ranking is as follows

Hours spent and extended in the name of World Boxing Council She passed the ratings, battled hunger pangs and missed lunch.

Promoters directors, actors, and the like have hotly debated the issue of why their fighter should soar in numbers. Mostly of reason and courtesy, liveliness and good humor prevailed. Only occasional anger and frustration creep in, grabbing a fist, albeit momentarily.

In the heavyweight category ranked ninth Zan Kosopotsky And the eighth places flipped Otto Wallen.

Bridgerweight: Elvis Garca returned to the world rankings at the age of fifteen. This is approved.

cruiser weight: Ryan Rosicky goes from eleven to nine. Uni Dorticos at ten.

light heavy weight: no changes.

Super Medium Weight: Carlos Gongora goes from number ten to one place. William Scull drops from nine to ten.

average weight: no changes.

Super middleweight: Charles Cornwell is now five. Serhie Pohachuk is now six. At this point, Don Majeske received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Robert Leinhardt.

average weight: Connor Penn who failed two out-of-class drug tests. He was in fifth place.

Very light in weight: The clash on the vacant court between Regis Prograis and Chon Zepeda in a couple of weeks is going to turn things around.

Lightweight: Edwin de los Santos moves up to eleven.

Ultra Featherweight: No change.

featherweight: As previously.

Super Bantam Weight: Known head moves from six to five.

Pants Weight: If Naoya “Monster” Inoue moves to a league, top seed Jason Moloney will battle second seed Nonito Donner for the title that has been left vacant. Nonito asked to take first place, but this was politely refused. Both Jason and Nonito were present at the meeting, acting like real athletes.

Ultra Fly Weight: No change.

fly weight: Former champ Christopher Rosales “The Whip” moves to six players.

Lightweight fly: No changes.

Shadows were casting on a long afternoon. And some promoters had greeted the commission with a beautiful windy morning, when noon came and went. It was the kind of popular session where the character of human nature is often revealed.

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