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Morgantown, Virginia – West Virginia University’s No. 5 football practice took place on Saturday morning at Steve Antoline Family Practice.

The mountaineers were out on their recovery day on Friday and were working out moderately this morning in shorts and shoulder pads. The team is scheduled to undergo physical training on Sunday and Monday, before the next recovery day on Tuesday.

The first fight for West Virginia will be on the field next Thursday.

With five practices, Brown said he’s still trying to figure out which people can do what in certain situations. Who gets the ball in third and seventh? Who are the most reliable defenders? Which specialists are the most reliable? Who will come out in the middle? Who will assert themselves in the correct treatment?

Brown admitted on Saturday that he is still a trial-and-error deal, at least through the first melee.

“Line of wisdom and line of wisdom, just because they played a lot of football, we have a good idea of ​​the strength and weakness of these guys,” he said. “Receivers, group one, we know what they’re doing very well. We’re still learning with the midfielders.

“I think it’s wise that we try to develop some depth and see what these two players, three, and four can do. Defensively, in high school we have a lot of different ways we can go in there,” he continued. “We can play up to six players and feel good about that, so we mix up our kits. The midfielders have been playing all spring but we need a lot of valuable reps and we need to find ourselves there.”

As far as quarterbacks, they each got a lot of reps again on Saturday.

“We did some situational things today and I thought Nico (Marchiol) threw the ball to the best of him in the five drills,” Brown said. “He is growing. The game is starting to slow down because he has a better understanding of the defensive structure and is more comfortable with our plays than he was in the spring, which is to be expected.

“(Will Crowder) was solid. He missed the first day but he’s been there for the last four and he’s definitely had some growth. JT (Daniels) gained more experience than all of them and then Garrett Green Today was a great two minute drive to finish training.”

You could put Brown in the category of coaches who disagree with the “players of the game” philosophy. In most cases, the positive things a player does in training usually show up in games.

“There are very few players,” he explained. “What I mean by that is that there are very few people who have the ability to train poorly and then suddenly play to a high standard in a game. Now, the flip side of that is that I think there are a lot of really good things that are practiced by players and don’t translate into the game.

“There are some reasons for that,” Brown continued. “Maybe they have some anxiety. Maybe they really depend on routine and when they get into a game that is unpredictable and they don’t perform well, but I don’t buy ‘players’. Football is a game of confidence and for the coaches you have to earn that confidence in practice for the players.”

The process of developing that confidence continues Sunday morning.

the summary:

* Among the recent additions that Brown singled out on Saturday was a new defensive lineman Asani Redwood From Suwanee, Georgia, transfer Tyler Junior College Jaylon SheltonMiami transfer Tirek Austin-Howtwo transfer angles for four years Rashad Ajai And the Wesley McCormick freshman hybrid CJ Donaldsonwhich Brown said is able to play three different modes, including running backwards.

Brown said that Redwood is still a relative newcomer to the soccer game, but that he was well trained at Collins Hill High and added 90 pounds to his 280-pound chassis in a relatively short period of time.

Chilton has shown a knack for retaining information and has shown some smart play on the court. Austin How does well at full-back and believes Ajayi and McCormick will be factors this season.

As for Donaldson, he’s 240 pounds and has great capabilities.

“It gives the defense some personnel issues,” Brown said.

Wide reception for the college Cortez Braham Also show a few things with the first 5 practices and maybe be a little ahead Jeremiah Aaron Now because he’s been here a little longer than Aaron’s presence.

* Jim Karowsky, a two-way player who wrote three seasons for the Mountaineers from 1963 to 1965, practices today with his wife Marta and grandchildren Brendan and Brady. Karowsky said he once made over 20 tackles for the great WVU 28-27, coming from behind on Syracuse heading to the Sugar Bowl to wrap up the 1964 regular season.

“What I remember most about that match is how cold it was and how empty the stadium was after the end of the first half,” he said. “A lot of people went up to MountainLair to warm up and catch up on the game on the radio.”

New Director of Football and Deputy Director of Athletics Steve Oriyas He was also a side watcher today. Steve always has a good story or two in his hip pocket and when he used to work at Texas Tech, he joked that Lubbock is so wide open that you can sit on your porch and watch your dog run away “for miles and miles.”

Great stuff there!

* Speaking of visitors, the All-American Darius Stills consensus was in practice earlier this week. He said he’s still recovering after his recent back surgery and turned down an opportunity to sign for the San Francisco 49ers before training camp. He said his agent also recently got a call from the Chicago Bears.

* A student in his second year of study Caden Brother He did a nice over-the-shoulder grab during one workout this morning, and Preston Fox Make another long landing to land later in practice. I tweeted earlier this week that Bryce Ford Wheaton It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a Jerry Porter, in terms of body, well, Fox could be the football reincarnation of John Pennington.

Who can forget Bennington’s impressive touchdown catch before the end of the first half of the 2003 Pete game to hand West Virginia a 24-24 draw with the Panthers? This result completely changed the look of the game that ended up winning the Mountaineers 52-31.

Today, John is the head football coach at West Virginia State University.

*You can watch Brown’s entire press conference at WVUsports.com and WVU’s official YouTube channel at YouTube.com/wvusports.

*The University of Pittsburgh announced yesterday that the 2022 Backyard Brawl renewal has officially been sold out. Both teams will play for 105 .The tenth Once, but the first time since West Virginia’s 21-20 win at Milan Buscar in 2011. This morning, the Panthers also announced on social media that only a limited number of permanent hall tickets will be available to the general public.

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