Westcliff vs Idaho State Best Bets & Prediction | NCAAB

Westcliff vs Idaho State Best Bets & Prediction | NCAAB

A small California school takes a sports game early in the season. The Westcliff Warriors are sure to get a good salary from the Idaho State Bengals for an early season game. Payouts in general aren’t quite as high as Idaho soccer game expectations, probably, but the Warriors will be able to ride in style to Pocatello, Idaho. There is no Westcliff Warriors soccer team, so they are fortunate to be able to schedule this game to help generate money.

Given the differences in talent and budget, making Westcliff vs Idaho State picks should be fairly easy.

Westcliffe Warriors vs Idaho Bengals

Thursday’s game, which ends at 9 p.m. ET, is one of many on the NCAAB schedule. Perhaps not most surprisingly, but there are no college basketball games between these two programs. The game will be broadcast on ESPN+. This is the first of two opponents outside of Idaho’s Division I this season.

Last game record

Westcliff lost their season opener to The Master, 83-52, on October 27. The Warriors trailed by 18 in the first half and converted just 31.1% of field shooting attempts (19 to 61) for the match. They were 4 for 23 (17.4%) on the 3 throws and 10 for 17 (58.8%) at the free throw line. Josh Harrison scored 15 points while Ray Witt Jr. added 15 points from the bench on the losing attempt.

The Bengals hung hard against the high-quality Brigham Young show. Idaho lost 60-56 in its opening game Monday night to 13,000 fans at the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah. It was a solid start against an overall good team in the college basketball standings. B3ngals converted 38% of shots (19 vs 50) and 32% of 3 throws (8 vs 25) while making 71.4% of free throw attempts (10 vs 14). Brooke McKenzie led with 15 points while Miguel Tomley scored 10 points in 14 minutes while battling a foul problem. The Arlington owner added 11 points from the bench.

Westcliffe Warriors vs Idaho Bengals analysis

The good news for every team is that there are no college basketball injuries to be aware of. Neither team suffered a major injury in the first season matches. NCAA basketball statistics show that the Bengals have done well against less competition. They’ve played a pair of show games against other NAIA programs already.

While more individual and team stats are not available, Idaho State beat Walla Walla University (of Washington), 92-45, then beat Park University Gilbert (of Arizona), 76-38 before Monday’s game against Brigham Young, which It gave the Bengals a chance. 1-0 start against the difference. This should give a good indication of what to expect on Thursday when selecting Westcliffe against Idaho.

Fourth-year coach Ryan Looney led the Bengals to a 7-23 pre-season record, including five wins against Division I opponents and the Idaho sweeper. He and his crew brought back seven players from last year’s roster. They’ve brought in transfers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Cal Poly, Missouri, and Brigham Young, along with a handful of freshmen.

Westcliff went 10-12 last season, including a 6-7 mark in the California Pacific Conference. They’ve dealt with COVID-19 with having to lose a game and also winning the game by losing. They ran in late January through February by winning four straight games before losing their last four. For comparison, they lost to The Master by 10 on February 15. Coach Jered Cook was in his third season after spending time training camps in Japan. He ended his career in 2017 at Bellevue, Nebraska before starting his coaching career.

probability distribution

There are no available odds for Westcliff Warriors

There are no odds available for Idaho State Bengals.

Westcliffe Warriors vs Idaho State Bengals Pick & Predict Betting

Although there are no odds available, Westcliff vs. This is, of course, based on simulation models, but it’s hard to simulate a game with the NAIA team because the timelines vary relatively in strength.

Given how Idaho has performed in its exhibitions against the NAIA programs, they should be able to easily win Military Appreciation Night and give every player some in-game experience ahead of a big test in Utah next week. Whether you’re making a friendly bet or not, choose the Bengals when choosing Westcliff vs Idaho State.

  • Choose: Idaho to win.

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