What are the fights tonight? Boxing card list set for this weekend, November 25-27 | Daz News US

What are the fights tonight? Boxing card list set for this weekend, November 25-27 | Daz News US

There is a lot of excitement for boxing fans to get hung up on this weekend.

It’s set to be another busy weekend for boxing fans with a number of fight cards being staged all over the world.

In London, the focus will be on the return of Dillian White who looks to bounce back from his knockout loss to Tyson Fury earlier this year with a win over Jermaine Franklin.

There’s also a huge world title fight taking place in Carson, California, as Jose Zepeda and Regis Progress go head-to-head for the WBC World Lightweight Title.

These two battles are just two of the highlights this coming weekend and DAZN brings you the full schedule below.

The information comes from Dan Rafael’s impressive and comprehensive database of upcoming boxing events, which he updates regularly.

November 25, Merida

  • Hafeet Talavera vs. Ernesto Salcedo, 10 rounds, junior featherweight
  • Daniel Tutt vs. Emiliano Toscano, 6 rounds, lightweight
  • Russell Acosta vs. Jean Morales Cruz, 6 rounds, straw
  • Angel Patron Cruz vs. Fernando Gutierrez, 6 rounds, featherweight
  • Jarul Severa Noh vs. Ramon Quiroga, 6 rounds, bantamweight
  • Jack Alan Cooper vs. Esteban Heredia, 4 rounds, heavyweight
  • Inaki Uribe Luria vs. Ramiro Pacheco, 4 rounds, straw

November 25, Los Cabos

  • Omar Chavez vs. Daniel Vega, 10 rounds, middleweight
  • Marcos Villasana Jr. vs. Edgar Espinosa, 8 rounds, lightweight
  • Yuali Mosqueda vs. Francisco Gomez, 8 rounds, fly weights
  • Israel Gonzalez vs. Julian Yedras, 8 rounds, bantamweight

November 25, London

  • Harlem Eubanks vs. Tom Farrell, 10 rounds, junior welterweight
  • Liam Williams vs. Nazar Trimesh, 10 rounds, middleweight
  • Gillian Rajko vs. Gennady Stserbin, 4 rounds, cruiserweight
  • Chloe Watson vs. Minerva Gutierrez, 6 rounds, female flyweight
  • Martin Furu vs. Fran Verdiger, 6 kicks, middleweight
  • Bilal Fawaz vs Ayoub Zakaria 4 rounds youth middle
  • Lucy Wildheart vs. Marina Shakarov, 8 rounds, female featherweight
  • Bilal Ali vs. Shit, 4 rounds, light weight
  • Lenny Fuller vs. Ilyan Markov, 4 rounds, welterweight
  • Jesse Brandon vs. Claudio Baldomir, 4 rounds, middleweight

November 26, Carson

  • Jose Zepeda vs. Regis Progres, 12 rounds, for the WBC Junior Welterweight Title
  • Evelyn Bermudez vs. Jocasta Valle, 10 rounds, for Bermudez’s IBF/WBO Junior Flyweight Title
  • Bakhodir Jalulov vs. Curtis Harper, 10 rounds, heavyweight
  • Charles Conwell vs. Juan Carlos Abreu, 10 rounds, no WBC Middleweight Championship title
  • Fernando Vargas Jr. vs. Alejandro Martinez, 6 rounds, junior middleweight
  • Nathan Rodriguez vs. Gerson Ortiz, 8 rounds, Junior Featherweight
  • Ruben Torres vs. Eduardo Estela, 8 rounds, lightweight
  • Alejandro Reyes vs. Daniel Perales, 6 rounds, junior welterweight
  • Amado Vargas vs. Osmar Olmos Hernandez, 4 rounds, featherweight
  • Austin Brooks vs. Jesus Roman, 6 rounds, junior lightweight
  • Mario Ramos vs. Jeronimo Sacco, 6 rounds, middleweight
  • Eric Priest vs. Luis Alberto Vera, 6 rounds, middleweight
  • Jacob McCulloy vs. Terrence Jarmon, 6 rounds, Welterweight

November 26, London

  • Dillian White vs. Jermaine Franklin, 12 rounds, heavyweight
  • Fabio Wardley vs. Nathan Gorman, 12 rounds, for the vacant British heavyweight title
  • Sandy Ryan vs. Anahi Sanchez, 10 rounds, junior welterweight
  • Chef Clark vs. Jose Gregorio Ulrich, 8 rounds, cruiserweight
  • Pat McCormack vs. Christian Nichols Andino, 6 rounds, Welterweight
  • Mark Dickinson vs. Gideon Oniani, 6 rounds, middleweight
  • George Ledard vs Nikola Matic, 4 rounds, middleweight
  • Thomas Carty vs. Pavio Krolenko, 6 rounds, heavyweight

Can Dillian White remind the heavyweight division that he’s still a force to be reckoned with, or will Jermaine Franklin wreak havoc on the English capital? Discover exclusively on DAZN, click here for more info.

November 26, London

  • Zack Parker vs. John Ryder, 12 rounds, for the vacant interim WBO super middleweight title
  • Hamza Shiraz vs. River Wilson-Bent, 12 rounds, for the vacant Commonwealth Middleweight Title
  • Sam Noakes vs. Calvin McCord, 10 rounds, lightweight
  • Dennis McCann vs. Joe Hamm, 12 rounds, for the vacant Commonwealth Featherweight title
  • Pierce O’Leary vs. Emmanuel Mongandjila, 10 rounds, junior welterweight
  • Tommy Fletcher vs. Jerry Krejci, 4 rounds, cruiserweight
  • Sonny Ali vs. Georgi Velichkov, 6 rounds, middleweight

Fans can stream this event on ESPN+, click here for more information.

November 26, Créteil

  • Enoch Poulsen vs. Frank Petygin, rematch, 12 round, for Poulsen’s European Junior Welterweight Title

November 26, Brampton

  • Triston Brooks vs. Marlon Perez Juarez, 4 rounds, middleweight
  • Laron White vs. Jose Gutierrez Bolanos, 6 rounds, light middleweight
  • Matosan Mahindas vs. Jorge Alberto Garcia Reyes, 4 rounds, bantamweight
  • Ioannis Permbilis vs Jose Marofu, 8 rounds, super lightweight
  • Michael Avene vs. Vlad Banin, 6 rounds, light middleweight
  • Lucas Bahde vs Diego Andrade Chavez, 8 rounds, Welter Whites

Fans can watch this card LIVE EXCLUSIVELY on DAZN, click here for more information.

November 27, London

  • Adam Azeem vs. Rylan Charlton, 10 rounds, junior welterweight
  • Mikael Lawal vs. Dion Juma, 12 rounds, for the vacant British cruiserweight title
  • Leron Richards vs. Zack Shelley, 10 rounds, super middleweight
  • Sam Gilley vs. Sean Robinson, 10 rounds, junior middleweight
  • Shannon Ryan vs. TBA, 6 rounds, junior bantamweight
  • Rhys Edwards vs. Fuck, 6 rounds, Featherweight
  • Jeamie “TKV” Shikeva vs. TBA, 6 rounds, heavyweight
  • Jamie Lee vs. Fuck, 4 or 6 rounds, Featherweight
  • Great good vs. 6 round welterweight fuck
  • George Mitchell vs. TBA, 4 rounds, middleweight

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