What Really Works in SEO [Podcast]

It’s possible that what’s working in SEO right now isn’t what you think it is. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about keywords and keyword research – although it certainly helps! Today, almost everything works differently, and we’re here to find out why.

Craig Campbell, Senior SEO Expert in Glasgow, joins me on this episode of SEJ for a frank discussion about what’s really working in SEO right now, including a discussion about drop domains, domain rentals, PBNs, and link building , YouTube, TikTok and other media that Google loves!

There are a lot of domain names that are not personally branded, and you can turn them into an excellent monetization site in some way. Whether it’s an affiliate or an e-commerce, it really doesn’t matter. A website is a website on the Internet. – Craig Campbell, 29:24

I don’t even see people going to the Wayback Machine to recreate all your videos. Many people describe any old URL, brand new URLs, and things like that. What they don’t do is do the basics right. You need to reignite that. Running out of gas, basically, the website. You need to re-ignite it – Craig Campbell, 31:23

If you ever feel like you have Impostor Syndrome and you don’t know anything about SEO, go to a room where no one knows anything about SEO. They will all ask you questions because you will be validated right away. – Lauren Baker, 12:38

[00:00] A little bit about Craig and his YouTube channel.
[04:28] – What is the essence of Craig’s focus?
[05:55] – How many websites did Craig launch before finding two profitable ones?
[13:22] How does it feel to be the only SEO in the room?
[17:03] – What are the expired domains?
[30:59] – What not to do when buying dropped domains.
[37:18] – The best way to deal with expired domains.
[50:39] Did Craig notice anything in the middle of this content update?
[55:38] How important are Domain Authority ratings and other metrics to incoming links?
[58:04] – Did Craig look at Majestic?

Mentioned resources:

Craig Campbell SEO – https://www.craigcampbellseo.com/
Odys Global – Featured Domains and Websites for Sale – https://odys.global/

Normally, what I would do with any website I purchased was I would repurpose it. I may not keep the exact template and look of the images, but what I will do is rebuild, look at any URLs that have links pointing to them, and I will rebuild those URLs. I’d like to back up content from the Wayback machine and keep the website close to what it was initially just to start ranking again for some of the terms in it. Then the equity link starts to come back. – Craig Campbell 22:00

I don’t just look at the domain name. I’m looking at the number of outbound links. I’m looking at how many keywords are ranking on this site. I am looking at referral areas. I’m looking at a bunch of other quality checks, and I think that’s the part that these guys are missing. – Craig Campbell, 32:38

Take the time to invest in an idea. It could be a local product, or a global one, or a $500 product, or even a $20 product, do it right and display it there. Who knows, you might become addicted, and you might even be able, if you’re like Mr. Craig Campbell here, to turn him around for 50 times as much. Her monthly income is great. – Lauren Baker, 1:01:19

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Connect with Craig Campbell:

Craig Campbell is one of the most experienced SEO practitioners in Glasgow. With his expertise covering all aspects of SEO, he has built an unparalleled wealth of digital marketing knowledge.

He is also an Entrepreneur known as “Craig Campbell SEO”. The pandemic led him to create a YouTube channel that now has more than 100,000 subscribers.

Subscribe to Craig on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CraigcampbellseoUk
Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/craigcampbell03

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