When it comes to airport style A-List, the standard is a mile high

During the summer, Seat Glam felt like a pseudo-easyJet, as passengers faced the prospect of long delays and long check-in queues prioritizing comfort over style when it came to airport fashion. Others have ditched holiday pieces in favor of multi-purpose groups – all the better to comply with those limited allowances for carry-on baggage.

But for listeners, the arrivals hall will always be a runway – perfect for panning out with no trace of late travel. Back in the ’90s, airport style was all about denim, comfortable cashmere and leggings, and while this down-to-earth approach to first class has stood the test of time (see Noomi Rapace channeling Linda Evangelista in loafers, heritage tweed jackets and more recently jeans), it was Lately it’s outnumbered by cute looks: think prints, stitching, and party shoes.

Nomi Rapace at Nice Airport directs Linda in the ’90s

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Linda Evangelista at Los Angeles International Airport in 1997

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Isabel Marant check double breasted blazer

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Saint Laurent leather loafers

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fendi square sunglasses

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Agolde Balloon High Waist Jeans

Of course, the most star-studded travelers in the world do not spend their holidays, but rather, luggage carts serve as a backdrop for their impromptu photos, as they arrive at the international film festivals in Cannes and Venice. It’s only fitting to raise your profile if you exit the VIP terminal in Nice, or hop straight into a vintage speedboat from Marco Polo Airport.

The finest prints came courtesy of Pucci, with Didi Stone and Tina Kunakey pieces sporting bold, psychedelic patterns—see the Italian label’s first-ever Kunakey Lido-ready dress from artistic director Camille Miceli. The brand’s heritage is steeped in jet-setting outfits, just right for kicking off film festival circuits on the Cote d’Azur, or in Italy’s most picturesque city.

Didi Stone at Nice Airport

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Tina Konaki and Vincent Cassel at Venice Marco Polo Airport

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Iride Pucci Cotton-blend mini dress

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Mary Jane Aeyde Uma Leather Ballet Shoes

Don’t forget to protect yourself with gray marl for the long haul, the stars know that bold hues turn heads. Case in point, Judy Turner Smith lands in Venice in a muslin sunset shade suit, carrying not one but two Gucci bag. A Florentine home steeped in luxury travel heritage. The brand’s Jackie bag—relaunched in 2021—was originally dedicated to Jackie Kennedy and her style of Airplane Collection. When Florence Pugh arrived at the festival much later than she did do not worry my love Co-stars, she may have had some huge emotional baggage in tow. However, she managed to distract attention away from rumors of feuds with her outfit: three-piece Valentino violets that were in every part as nigger as the Aperol spritz she posed before the movie’s premiere.

Judy Turner Smith at Marco Polo Airport


Florence Bio at Venice Marco Polo Airport

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Gucci Attache Large Shoulder Bag

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Valentino Garavani F Logo Crossbody Bag

Nothing screams elegance more than stepping off a ride in flawless, wrinkle-free tailoring. To prove that monochrome is as influential as eclectic color, Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore left Nice Airport in May in an androgynous black suit and oversized protective shades from the paparazzi. It is clear that they both have a penchant for dressing up in nonchalant French girl clothes. The reward points to Moore for carrying a Bottega Veneta woven Calimero bag, from the brand’s first Matthew Blasey collection.

Anne Hathaway at Nice Airport

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Julianne Moore at Nice Airport

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Christopher Esper cotton single breasted blazer

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Christopher Esper Tailored trousers

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Supima Cotton Round Neck T-Shirt

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Bottega Veneta Calimero bag

In an age where one piece of luggage is expected to accommodate all of our vacation needs, a microscopic handbag can make a huge impact. While we stuff our essentials into a handbag, celebrities are sports accessories that are almost ridiculously impractical. Case in point (the suit): Tessa Thompson wears a small Vivienne Westwood tartan bag with party heels and a bow in her hair, and Barbara Palvin arrives in Venice with a Monsieur Croc-sized bag during the flight.

Tessa Thompson at Marco Polo Airport in Venice


Barbara Palvin at Marco Polo Airport in Venice


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Vivienne Westwood Trader Mini Woven Check Print Top Handle Bag

Jennifer Bear Wide Bow Hair Clip

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