Why did you change a cyclist’s paradise this fall

Why did you change a cyclist’s paradise this fall

The Ghent is a perfect example of Belgian cycling culture. In addition to the big (and a little crazy) dates like the six-day centenary celebrations of Ghent, from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 November 2022, coming at ‘tKuipke (Citadelpark Velodrome), where runners will cycle the race for the Titanic 7 hours a day, the city’s calendar is full With amateur races in small villages and cycling events in and around town.

But more than that, cycling is in Gent’s DNA. Its historic streets and bridges provide postcard photo views for fans of our two-wheeled friends. The city’s bike-friendly routes and Europe’s largest low-traffic pedestrian zone, as well as dedicated networks and underpasses, make a bike tour a must-do for sightseeing.

There is a large selection of cross bike paths, so it is easy to select the itinerary to order, or follow the recommended one. A good bet is the Gentse Fietsen Route, which unfolds kilometers of discovery as you circle the city center. Including the 24-tower Countess castle, willows in Charles V’s birthplace, serene gardens and the cemetery of poets and writers, there’s a stop for everyone, from history buffs to nature lovers, dreamers and coffee addicts.

© De Fietsambassade Gent

Meanwhile, the Chateau Road passes near the riverside castles of Dieselbergen, Husden, Larne, Birvelde and Lochreste. Don’t miss Laarne Castle, a castle with a moat that dates back to the Middle Ages and hosts an impressive art collection. Also on the itinerary are the two nature reserves Chateau and Damvallei Lake, where bird lovers will surely want to stop for photos on sunny fall days.

Chateau Road | © Toerisme Oost-Vlaanderen
© Visit Gent

For a fun trip with the kids, there is a kid-friendly route with a photo path that makes the most of the playgrounds and gardens. At the other end of the effort spectrum, perhaps check out how Ghent’s bike trails join with the popular Art Cities, Scheldt Route, and Flanders, as well as the Dutch network, which offers hundreds of kilometers of challenging and fun cycling.

1. rent a bike

Renting a bike in Ghent is a piece of cake and can be done at both railway stations. For all types of bikes, including children’s cargo, De Fietsambassade is the go-to option. Blue-bike or Donkey Republic are useful titles, too. If you’d rather not go alone, you can book guided biking tours – from night adventures to graffiti trails – through City Cycling Gent.

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2. Where is the update?

Stop to catch your breath in the sun, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor cafes. And if you’ve really spotted a cycling bug, you can feed it at one of Ghent’s bike-themed concept stores or coffee shops, like Bar Bidon where you can pick up all kinds of accessories and gadgets.

3. Bike-friendly accommodations

For cycling weekends or small breaks, Ghent offers a large selection of bike-friendly hotels and B&Bs with bonuses like secure bike pens, repair kits, maps, and rental services. Stay on the edge of a nature reserve, in a former drugstore or in a 1930s Le Corbusier-style house.

© Four Corners Bed and Breakfast

4. parking

If you are driving in and out of town, a city park and rides can provide a convenient place to leave your car, while you take the bikes off the rack and enjoy the city at your own pace.

© Stade Ghent

5. Six days from Ghent

Tickets for this much-anticipated event on the cycling calendar will be a great gift for any cycling enthusiast. But plan ahead – it will go on sale a year in advance. The frantic competition hosts several world cycling champions from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 November 2022, and includes Madison, time trials and derny. in this 100The tenth Anniversary of the competition, the velodrome will be in a festive setting filled with decorations and musical interludes.

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