Why does Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro make me sad?

He told me there was a purple phone and I could tell you which color to buy. usually. I’m a fan of the color purple, from the slightly blush blues to the deeper mauve. You know there are a lot of purple people out there like me because there are stores dedicated to purple. I’m not too picky about lilac either, folks. I just love purple, and I thought of every purple. Until I saw Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro.

There are two reasons why I’m willing to buy the iPhone Deep Purple. The first is because it is purple, of course. I love the color purple, I think I said it above. The second reason is that it is unique. I value uniqueness, often more than other values. I think the silver iPhone 14 Pro is cool, and the Space Black is very stylish, but I was leaning towards Deep Purple simply because it’s different.

Otherwise, how will you know which iPhone I’m using?

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