World’s Longest Fingernails, Good Deeds, ‘Jeffy’ Reappears: This week’s intimate and offbeat headlines

From a Phoenix police officer’s miraculous path to recovery after the infamous southern Arizona jaguar shooting that was first spotted 7 years ago, there was no shortage of exciting tidbits this week. Here are some of our favorite heartwarming stories from July 30 to August. 5 that helped make our days brighter – or at least, more exciting:

1. Months after he was shot, Phoenix officer Tyler Moldovan’s endotracheal tube was removed: ‘Nothing short of a miracle’“This is something that was expected to happen down the road or likely never will,” the ministry tweeted. “Tyler’s recovery from being shot so many times is nothing short of miraculous!”

2. A Minnesota woman sets a record for the longest toenails in the world: Guinness World Records says this 63-year-old grandmother from Minneapolis has set a new record for having the world’s longest fingernails.

Minnesota grandmother Diana Armstrong is the Guinness World Record holder for the longest fingernails.

3. Watch: An officer escorts an elderly woman walking along a busy highway to a hair salon: A TikTok user picked up a cute gesture from a Tennessee officer who escorted an elderly woman to her hair appointment.

Freezing frame from dash cam footage showing Officer Lance Hofmeister stopping to speak with Elizabeth Judd on April 29, 2022. (Murfreesboro Police Department, Tennessee)

4. “Corpse”: The famous Southern Arizona Jaguar was first spotted 7 years ago: A famous jaguar was spotted roaming the mountains in southern Arizona for the first time in years south of the border.

5. Mother and daughter are both pilots on Southwest flight: ‘It was a dream come true’: A flyby of friendly skies couldn’t be more compelling for Southwest Airlines passengers on their way from Denver, Colorado, to St. Louis, Missouri, last Saturday.

Southwest Airlines first mother/daughter pilot duo, Captain Holly Pettit (left) and First Officer Kelly Pettit (right). (Southwest Airlines | Shelley Stone)

6. A Virginia woman discovers a snake inside a bag of popcorn in a grocery store: A Virginia woman’s trip to the grocery store took an unexpected turn Thursday when she was startled by a snake in her shopping cart.

A snake’s head emerges from a bag of popcorn inside a Virginia grocery store. (Kimberly Slaughter)

7. Klondike looking to bring back choco tacos after consumer fanfare ‘in the coming years’Klondike officials said Wednesday that they will look to bring back the seemingly beloved Choco Taco “in the coming years” after facing an uproar over its removal.

File – Choco Taco. (Klondike)

8. Man wins second lottery prize at the same location after six years: A Massachusetts man knows exactly where to go to win the lottery after scoring his second win from the same spot.

Kevin Miller (credit: Massachusetts State Lottery)

9. Teenager uses trampoline to rescue neighbors trapped in fire: ‘My brain was in a panic’: A teen is hailed as a hero for his quick thinking after using a trampoline to rescue pets, children and adults trapped in a house fire.

Fallon Origin used a trampoline to save his neighbors from an apartment fire. (Bentleyville Fire Rescue)

10. General Mills spice up snack time with CinnaFuego Toast CrunchSinafuego Toast Crunch will combine traditional sweet cinnamon beans with the “fiery spice” of chili.

(Photo courtesy of General Mills)

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