Yankees trade with Frankie Montas boosts World Championship chances

For a team in such an enviable position — first in the division, the best record in MLS, on track to cross 100 wins — YankeesThe front office is still entering deadline season with clear work to be done before August 2. They needed a left-handed hitter. They can also use another starter and remover as well.

Now they take care of all that.

After crossing the left-wing hitter by acquiring Andrew Benintende from the Royal Family on Wednesday, they had even more success on Monday, striking a deal with as such For Beginners Frankie Montas and The Savior Le Trevino. Montas represents the best start available now that Luis Castillo is out of the market with the Mariners. In the meantime, Trivino offers more upside than you might expect given its 6.47 ERA. (More on that later.) The asking price was four young players — bowlers Ken Valdychuk, JB Sears, Louis Medina and second baseman Cooper Bowman — who make real promise but, unlike Valdychuk, represent none of the club’s top minors. Knights.

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