Yankees vs. Cardinals’ prediction, odds, choice

The New York Yankees face the St. Louis Cardinals. Check out our MLB odds series for Yankees Cardinals predictions and picks.

German Domingo starts the Yankees, while Jordan Montgomery takes the hill for the Cardinals.

Domingo Germain has only made 12 2/3 runs this year, giving up nine runs. It’s hard to draw any large, all-encompassing conclusions from that, or make a particularly informed prediction about how it will present itself in this game. The German grew up due to injuries to the Yankees’ starting cycle. Luis Severino was injured, which limited the Yankees’ options. It would be great to see if the German is finding it difficult, or if he is struggling as August approaches. With Gerrit Cole in trouble and Nestor Curtis not being as strong as he was in May and June, the Yankees are facing some new questions about the durability and quality of their first spin. German can provide an important piece to the puzzle of New York.

Jordan Montgomery started his football career against his former team. Montgomery was a reliable, dependable, and back-to-back member of the Yankees’ starting course. The back start is not expected to dominate. They are expected to reduce damage and keep their team competitive. Montgomery certainly did it for the Yankees. Most baseball experts considered the trade that sent him to St. Louis for the currently injured Harrison Bader as a win for the Cardinals. This is partly a reflection of Bader’s current health, but this view also stems from the awareness that the Cardinals need to start promoting and that the Yankees need some insurance from Severino. The deal appears to have given the Cardinals more than they asked for. We’re now finding out if Montgomery can validate the experts and help the Rookie Cardinals win the National Central League title.

Courtesy of FanDuelHere are the Yankees Cardinals MLB odds.

MLB . odds: Yankees Cardinals Odds

New York Yankees: -1.5 (+140)

St. Louis Cardinals: +1.5 (-170)

Above: 8.5 (-105)

Under: 8.5 (-115)

Why the Yankees can cover the spread

The Yankees know Jordan Montgomery’s merchandising tendencies and styles. They will jump over it and score a bunch of runs in this game. The Yankees are furious after letting Friday’s game – in which they lead 3-1 – slip away. They will come to the field focused and motivated. The Yankees have been drifting for the past month. They want the top seed in the MLS, and they know that if they’re going to beat the Houston Astros, they have to start piling wins again.

Why Cardinals Can Cover Spread

Having been traded from the Yankees, Jordan Montgomery knows he has a lot to prove in St. Louis. More so, he now faces a group of hitters he studied closely for years, given that he was a Yankee teammate. Montgomery’s inner knowledge of the Yankee Cardinals’ beating order will help. What will also help the Cardinals is that they are playing great baseball, moving up the rankings and tying up the Milwaukee Brewers at NL Central. Crucially, role players like Paul DeJong help stars. It’s not just Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado who excel. DeJong is achieving great success. So is Tyler O’Neill. So is Lars Knottbar. This is a well-balanced team that plays high quality baseball now.

Final Yankees Cardinals prediction and selection

If you can predict which way Jordan Montgomery will go against the Yankees, be my guest. This is a case of coin flipping and therefore a game of stay away. If you insist on choosing, lean on the Yankees.

Yankees-Cardinals Final Prediction & Pick: Yankees -1.5

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